TMI, Overload!

This really is just Too Much Information about me!

Passion is what drives me in most everything I do. I love passion in all its forms and I feel like I can never get enough of it!

My kids are the most important people in my life, I believe they are the reason that I stay grounded and don't fly off into space somewhere!!

After my divorce, I told myself I would never get married again or have any more kids. I believe a messy divorce is one of the hardest things a person can go through, and still to this day I don't know how I got through some of those things.

I never let any one person know everything about me. Some people are pretty close to it, but even then, not close at all. I am a very guarded person, but I am working on it ;)

I do not like eating whole beans, peas or onions!

I have a thing for beemers. I can't wait for the day when I buy myself one. I love them all in all their own ways. Sometimes I just sit and stare at them. Can you be *in love* with an inanimate object?

I have two funny cats, they act like little puppies. They follow me around and they are always at my side when I am home. Also, I want a little puppy and I have all the stuff I need, including her tags and name… just about everything. I’m just waiting patiently to have the right pup to come along and sweep me off my feet!

 have a complete obsession with Edward! I thought it would end at Breaking Dawn but then I went and read Midnight Sun and the obsession gets worse! Didn't anyone laugh and laugh at Midnight Sun because I swore it was almost a comedy!

I love to try most everything once. I love experiencing new things and having new adventures. There is close to nothing I wouldn't at least try once!

I love to travel and see new things. Going back to a place I love is always fun, but seeing a place I have yet to fall in love with is the best! I rarely pass up an opportunity to see somewhere new. Give me a reason, and I will be there!

My friends are the greatest friends anyone could ask for. They are so amazing in every way that makes them, THEM. I could not imagine a better group of friends and I love them all dearly. I wish I could express it more, they would be smothered!

Most all my close friends and family live in the Bay Area. I miss them every time I leave and when I get home I want to go back to visit. Even then, I can't imagine living back in the Bay? I wish everyone would just move to LA!!!!!

I LOVE CLOTHES! I could buy new clothes and shoes and purses and accessories every single day. I find almost anything wearable! My closest is completely filled with some much clothes, every hanger has at least two things on it. But it is organized by color, so my moods are easier to manage.

I used to not be afraid of dying. Until, I started having a reoccurring dream that I am going to die. Ever since then, I do freak out about dying, and all the people I would leave behind! I am not ready to die and I have so much more I want to do!

I was born in the Philippines. I donate to the Philippines on a monthly basis. Though, it never seems like enough!  It was especially hard after I was recently there to visit family.  It was one of the hardest things to see and deal with in my head.

I love to write short stories.  I have so many i haven't ever mosted.

I am scared to death of losing someone I love dearly. Losing people close to me was hard so losing someone really close to me would probably send me to my own grave.

I don't ever like to lie because of that I am a bad liar. So, don't ask me to lie for you because you won’t get away with it. I don't like talking to liars, either. I really have no respect for those who cannot be honest.

I like to donate, give donations, and help those in need. But, I only do it secretly and anonymously. I do not like doing it when people know I am doing it. Phantom donator they call me!!

I believe I belong on an island somewhere. I love the ocean breeze, the sand in my toes and the way it makes me feel. I can spend all my time on a beach and not ever realize what time it is. I need to be closer to a beach so that I can hang out there all day long!

I curse way too much. I am trying to stop doing it. But when I get emotional, it's like I have turrets and I cannot be held responsible for the things that I say.

I like having a glass of water next to the bed at all times. You never know when you are going to get REAL thirsty! 

I am a sucker for sorries. All you ever have to do is say you’re sorr, and I will just about forgive anyone for almost anything! I am also a sucker for sweet talkers. Say something nice and I melt into butter. I cannot help it!

I feel the need to make sure toilet paper rolls always have the paper coming out and over the top. One might ask “why does it matter?” Well, it doesn't, unless you find yourself in the bathroom in the dark. It's just easier and looks better!

I am always looking for the happily ever after, the fairytale ending with the storybook romance. I love to love and love and love!! Nothing would make me happier than to be forever expressing my unconditional love to those I love. Passion in ways that words could never express!!

I have been told by most of my friends on a frequent basis, that I have the mind of a man, and that I should have probably been born a male. Although, I'm not sure I would ever give up being a female, I like it too much!!

I read my horoscope as often as I see it come up on my screen. Though, I don't take it seriously, I do find it entertaining. 

I spend entirely too much time in front of the computer. It is the most amazing thing in the world, I can get lost in page after page of things I never knew. Don't try taking it away from me because I might bite off your hand!! 

I make the biggest mess while I am cleaning! I don't like to just surface clean, I clean every possible spot that I can, so it takes me forever to clean anything.  When I clean I love to have the music so loud that you can't help but shake you booty to it. It's the whole whistle while you work, right!?

Every time I watch Cinderella or Hercules I get teary eyed.

I love my fitness class. I am completely addicted! If I could I would be there for hours every day. I love dancing and getting lost in the music. I love learning new dances even if I am not at all good at it. It's the feeling of the music reaching your soul and moving your body to every beat.

I secretly love Discovery, Science, History and all the Animal Channels. It can entertain me for hours!! The world is one amazing place!!! 

When I was on maternity leave watching after my kids, I was addicted to Home & Gardens Television. I could watch it for hours and hours. I have learned how to remake just about any room in a house, landscape a backyard and what not to wear. Even though I might watch it on occasion now and then, those were the only two periods of my life where I watched it over and over and over again!

Watching my children sleep is the most peaceful thing in the world. I can stare at them sleep forever. I love doing it and because of it, I don't mind when they crawl into bed with me. I just want to smoother them with hugs and kisses all night long.

I fantasize on a constant basis. Most of the time, I do it while people are talking to me! My sister has learned to ask if I am listening because she knows when I have drifted off into a faraway land. Either way, my head is always in a clouded daydream. Most of the time, I have to admit, it's in the gutter thinking bad, bad thoughts!

I truly believe that making love and having sex constantly would make the world a happier place. Everyone would always be smiling and no one would care about all the little things. ‘Cause isn't it all just meaningless BS, anyways?

Very few people know what I am truly thinking. 

Smile and laugh with me! There isn't enough of it going around. I want to spread it like a disease, even if it’s me you're laughing at, I don't mind! I am probably laughing at me, too!

When I was a kid, I rode my bike down a hill right into a parked park. My entire body felt like it was on fire instantly. I cut my finger so deep that all I saw was white! I flipped the skin back over rode back up to my house and put a Bandaide on it and pretended it didn't happen. I didn't want my mom to get mad at me for running into someone's car. So, of course I have a scar!  Probably should have had stitches! 

My sex drive kicked in when I became a teen and it hasn't faltered since!

I haven’t ever dated anyone younger than me. I like men that are mature, older and know what to do with their minds, their hands and everything else...

I will rarely ever stay mad at anyone. Even people that drive me up the wall in a bad way! I will find something about them wonderful and think that they are just them and love them anyways. I cannot fight with people and I try my hardest to put out any fire that I see starting to smoke, even if it means giving a little piece of me with it. I think people are who they are and I love them, just as they are.

I never realized how much eyes say when you look right into them.

I love physical contact! I crave it constantly. Though, if you knew me, I am not one to be touchy feely. BUT, come touch me, I love it!! My family never hugged or kissed, so I think, I smoother my own kids because of it. I am constantly touching them, rubbing them, kissing them and holding hands with them. They will always know through my words, my touch and my heart how much I love them.

I believe my dad is the smartest, most generous man I know. He would be a friend you would love to have and someone that would be there for you always. He doesn't burden anyone and he always puts his kids first. Because of him, I think my siblings and I are better people because of it.

I love going to therapy because it reminds me that I am not insane. Though, some people make me feel quite insane, I am not clinically insane!

 I love cooking, but don't tell anyone. I don't like to cook for large groups because I am a perfectionist and I never think it is good enough. If my man asked me to make something in particular every night, every night he would find it on the table in front of him. But, shhhh... after so many years no one has ever realized it.

My mom, even though she doesn't know it, is one of my best friends.

Sometimes, I get so worked up and I can’t manage anything, until I unwind myself! It doesn't happen that often, but when it does... Wow, am I ever a basket case! 

I hate the way I look naked. Don't say anything, I live with myself! I know what you don't.

I have applied for the amazing race.  I want to see the world as I play games! I don't need to win, I just want to play!! Although, I hear from many that I am very competitive. What no one realizes is that the only one I compete against is myself.

I love new socks. I wish they were disposable so they are always new. But, I am a flip flop girl, so you will rarely see me in socks. Also, I can sleep in my Uggs. I love them THAT much!

My house is always a mess. I don't usually have visitors, so I rarely make an effort to pick up after other people. It drives me completely nuts to stare at messes but sometimes I just don't have it in me to be June Clever. I would love to live in the model home but it just isn't going to happen. Plus, when it comes to home decorating, that gene was given to my sister.

My sister is my best friend.

I love dressing up. I am a complete female when it comes to playing dress up. Never did it as much as a child, so I guess I am making up for it as an adult. Also, if lingerie weren't so expensive, I would put on something beautiful every night. Though, no matter what I did all day, as soon as I get home I change into shorts and a tank, sometimes less. This is one of the reasons I don’t like the cold because I don't like to wear clothes...

When my good friend died no one really knew how good a friend he was to me. Every time I hear he song “You're Beautiful” by James Blunt I get sad because he said that was my song... I used to love it.

I can have every mood in a matter of an hour. Because of that my sister says if I were a mood ring, it would be a swirly pattern.

I love Scrapbooking, but I never get to do it often enough. I have made more albums for other people than I have for myself. I have a scrapbooking room. It is the messy room in my entire house. Every time I get it in order it becomes a mess within the week! I have enough scrapbooking/crafting supplies to fill a store. NO JOKE! I suppose if I ever needed money there's thousands of dollars worth of stuff in there.

I can spend just as much time pleasing myself as a 20 year old male. Sometimes, I am late and miss things because of it.

When I was a kid, I would ride my bike all over town and be gone for hours without anyone knowing where I was. As a parent, that amazes me.

I love my circus class and all the people in it. I want to do trapeze next!! Anyone, want to go to Santa Monica with me??? I want to try most everything, it is so much fun!

I love electronics and gadgets. My friends think I am crazy. I love web designing and computer graphics. I am impressed by all the new things people come up with and I love using them!

I miss people I shouldn't.

I cannot remember where I lost my virginity. I could guess, but I can't even be sure that I would be right.

I have many needs and I obsess until I fill them!!!!! 

I hate being late. I'd rather be entirely too early than a few minutes late. I will get ready at 3 in the morning if it meant that I would not be late!! 

I hope to have lasik one day, so I can wake up and stare right at you and actually see you.

I own a Kirby Vacuum and NO I have never used it as an airbrush but I hear it's quite amazing.

The smell of my favorite perfume makes me want to lick myself and the smell of good cologne makes me want to lick you!

I love to buy gifts for people but I hate to watch them open them. I feel weird about it and because of that I buy lots of gifts that you will never receive.

I almost have a full bar at home but I rarely us it. Although, people tend to think I am drinking all the time, I’m not sure why!

I have OCD. I have to load and unload my dishwasher in a certain order. Also, I cannot go to bed unless do my bedtime routine in a specific order. If I do it out of order, I have to start over. To avoid getting worse, I try and not redo it and if I lose sleep, oh well! 

Miniature golf is only fun when you have someone showing you how to do it!! Altho, the Greens was fun because it was a mini course that you can drink on. Not like playing at a snooty golf at a club. Though, I like that, too! I think the driving range is so much fun! 

One out of ten times I will answer the door when the doorbell rings. Sorry to the nine of you that I ignore.

I own an acoustic guitar. I want to learn to play. Also, I would love to learn to play the piano, again. I really have no idea how to play besides most of the normal stuff, I know you like those chopsticks!! HAHA... But seriously, hearing a piano can mesmerize me! I love the sounds a piano can make! 

If I could live somewhere that 100% of the time I could be in shorts, a tank and flip flops, I would move.  Visit the colder places when I feel the need for coolness. 

I like snowboarding, skiing, hiking, water skiing and water sports, white water rafting, playing basketball, riding bikes, skating, skydiving, hula hooping, dancing, riding roller coasters, riding quads, riding wave runners, tubing, sledding, playing in sand, dancing in the rain and any other activity that involves the great outdoors!

I like to drink beer when I am watching sports, eat burgers and pizza… or any other time I can think to do it!

Sitting by a pool every day soaking in the sun is my ideal day! I used to swim a lot but because of that my sister says I have Hercules back muscles. Thankfully, no one can tell unless you ask me to lift something heavy!

I absolutely hate being tickled or poked in any way whatsoever! Seriously, don't even attempt it!

I believe in the statement never say ever long before it became a song.

I have a hard time getting rid of things. Even though I get rid of things almost on a daily basis! If someone gives me something, no matter how lame it is, I feel the need to keep it! After my divorce and losing everything I had, I tend to not want to let anything go. BUT I am cleaning house and letting go of all the things that really have no real meaning because I do have to live in this box I call a house.

I am a Yelp!-ER. 

I love photography. I take hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I love looking at pictures. I have a few friends that are photographers and I love their pictures. I love seeing things through others eyes!

I love milk. I drink it every day. It does a body good! I buy at least 4 gallons of milk a week. 

I own 500+ movies. I have a problem with buying movies. I need to stop! I have a library in excel of all the movies I own, sorted by genre, alphabetically. Some I have even rated. OCD!!

Two years ago I read 38 books, the year before I read none. I buy books like I buy movies and I have a bunch on my shelf waiting to be read. Sometimes I want to just walk around the book store and want to read more but I try and curb the urge to buy more books. I have a list of all the books I read and what I thought about them.  I love my Kindle, it’s always with me.

I started selling all the movies and using a hard drive to store them, space saver!  Same with the books, I’m making everything electronic, go green!

I hate yelling.

I rarely cry. A lot of my girlfriends can cry at the drop of a hat. I am so guarded that I hate to cry in front of anyone.  Even if I am alone and I cry, I will get mad that I am that upset that I am crying about it. But, once I do cry, I can’t stop. Even though I might not cry, I can be very emotional. Things that touch my heart never leave it. 

 am a Leo and I like being it. Even when people like to say Leo's are head strong. I like being head strong. I like having my own opinions and standing by them. Doesn't ever mean I don't want to hear yours and that I am not open for change! 

I like porn.

I am always logged in some kind of messenger when I am on the computer.

I love holding hands and hugging. I love kissing and being passionate. I love being physical. I love having hands on me and my hands on others. I love being intense. I love just laying together. I love feeling another person next to me holding me tight. I love holding others tight. I love rubbing people. 

I love playing skeeball, even though I suck. Video games are addicting. I love Tetris and I used to be the master. I used to be able to beat just about any other on street fighter. Online games are fun and I try never to turn on Guitar Hero. Though I have played it in ways you can’t imagine. Board games are fun and I own many. Monopoly is a fav and I always have to buy St. James Place because that's where my parents lived. I used to play solitaire while I talked on the phone as a teenager not I do it on my phone. * have made games more fun by adding sex while playing said game.  It was quite interesting and fun!

I have phone issues. I am either on it talking or texting. I sometimes do both at the same time.

When I see things I want and have to have, I rarely can let it go. 

I am a beauty school dropout. I love giving myself manicures and pedicures. I do my kids all the time and they love it. I love spending time with them doing only things we can do together. As babies, I used to give them a bath and massage every night. Then at least once a week I would do their nails. Because of that, they say "mommy, will you rub me?" every night! Even when I am soooo tired, I can't help but do it. I love that we do those things together. 

I like things to be straight. I can draw a straight line. If something is slanted even a fraction, I can tell. I can estimate and split things in half pretty accurately. 

I played bloody Mary as a kid. I never saw Mary but I was always scared I would. 

I really don't like eating anything fried. 

The best sound in the entire world is hearing my girls giggling. 

I hate letting people down. If I think you will be sad or disappointed. I have to do whatever I can so that you don't feel that way. It's a problem. I need to stop doing that especially when it’s at my own expense. 

I sometimes feel depressed but rarely stay that way for long. 

I remember birthdays for almost everyone I know. If you have told me your birthday, I will probably remember it. I might have even bought you a gift that you never received.

I am more modest than anyone would ever guess. I like being grounded and I couldn't ever act conceded about anything.

I had an ex that every time I went to his house his family would all kiss me. It was odd, considering it was always his brothers and it was always on the lips. I never had anyone do that before or since. 

As I young girl, I used to want to be a teacher or a vet. I realized I cannot look after and teach that many kids at once. I love animals but hate seeing them in pain. So, instead I volunteer at schools and shelters to do both.

I attract weird people on a consistent basis! The one weirdo in a ten mile radius will find me.

I have an outside voice and an inside voice. Sometimes the two get confused and I say things out loud that is meant for my inside voice!! 

I believe there are people in this world that should never have babies. Once, you have proven you should never have children, I think they should pull out all the piping to make sure you don't have anymore!! I cannot stand anything more than to see people with lots of kids that shouldn't have even one. I believe in people working hard at getting better. But, some people just don't. 

My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. I love Thanksgiving because it’s all about getting together with family. It's nothing more than being with people you care and love. Then you get to eat endlessly and be ok with it! I love giving thanks for everything I am thankful for!! I love Valentine’s Day because it’s a day about love. Not about flowers, chocolates and jewelry. It’s about LOVE and since I love to love... I love the day that celebrates it. 

I love going on cruises. They spoil and pamper you like it’s nobody’s business. I need to go on more of them. 

I've been to Japan and remember nothing but the rain. I've been to New York and remember nothing but the rain in the heat. I've been to every state between here and Mount Rushmore and remember nothing but tin cans and 4 faces. I've been to a lot of places but remember too little. So, I have the need to see everything again and take hundreds of pictures so I don't forget a thing! 

I used to give my man cards almost every week. Written with some sappy something or other I felt. After many times of seeing it unopened for days, I rarely give them out anymore, unless it’s the appropriate holiday or birthday card, with a simple XO. I think it took a part of me away. 

I've been involved in a police pursuit.

I used to take taxi's to work when I lived at home and didn't have a ride. Apparently many people find this funny since I don’t live in New York. 

I was a bad influence on my sister and brother. I am not sure I ever got any better.  I deny them nothing. 

I am not the most patient person with myself. Although, if someone is having a hard time, I can all the patience in the world for them.

I will get in my car at least 3 times before I can actually leave. I forget things that often! I recently got in my car five times before being able to leave. The last time I had to get out was because I didn't have my car keys! 

When talking to someone that I find is being dumb, it actually hurts my brain. Seriously!! 

I used to watch Your World with Cavuto every day at lunch for years. 

People that try to make me jealous actually end up having the opposite reaction they probably hope for.

I am not a judgmental person. Do what you want when you want, as long as you aren't hurting anyone. I don't care. 

I can't hold a grudge for the life of me. 

I will be friends with anyone that wants to be friends with me. As long as they have a good heart, count me as a friend!! 

I believe that every person has a soulmate. Someone they can be themselves 100% and we end up wanting it so badly and too quickly that we stop searching before we actually find it. I think we come close but the rare few actually wait until the find it. 

I have run in races for causes that touch me. 

All my friends that are musicians are the most free-spirited people that I have ever met. 

I like strong people.  I mean this literally and figuratively.

My brother does Muay Tai for fun and it hurts me to think he's in a ring somewhere hitting and getting hit by people. 

I would love to brush up on my Spanish and Tagalog. Plus, learn French.

I love watching figure skating. I tried ice skating twice. I can't ice skate and since I don't like being cold, I am ok with that. I'll just watch! 

I remember most of the bad things I have ever done and I still feel badly about them.

When I was a teenager I used to have sex while watching MTV.

I love hanging out at home and just enjoying life.

I love people that can make me laugh. There is nothing better than a sense of humor and someone to share it with. 

I don't like being scared or watching scary movies. I can only handle one every few months. I have a few horror movies in my cabinet that I have yet to watch because I am so freaked out about it. I will think about all the images in my head over and over again randomly and so it makes me scared over and over again. 

When I get scared I have all the lights on. 

I don’t like Mexican food because of issues I had with my ex.

I used to sneak out a lot as a teenager. I learned to break into my own house and how to leave without anyone knowing at a very young age. They say that your children will be like you but ten times worse. I hope being a different parent than my parents were to me will make that statement untrue!!! 

I used to wear hot pink nail polish all the time in junior high. 

I love to sleep and take naps. But, I really don't think I get to do it enough. If I am sleeping it’s a very BAD idea to ever wake me, for any reason, unless the house is on fire. It would be like taking steak away from a lion mid-bite. Step away from the bed, quietly! Plus, I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere.

More recently I can't sleep and I spend hours staring at the ceiling hoping I will fall asleep.  A lot of the time, I make up short stories in my head while I stare and picture the thoughts in my head.  More often than not they are erotic stories... so as you can imagine it gets harder to get sleep.

I can type without looking at the keys.

I can remember the most hurtful things people have said to me. Because of that, I am very guarded and once I shut down I have a hard time completely forgiving.  Being a sucker for sorry's like I said earlier might make you question this one.  But, I will take the sorry and we will be friends again but you and I will both feel that it will never be like it was. 

I was suspended once in high school for missing a bus on a field trip. Of all the things I could have been in trouble for I get caught for losing track of time? 

I have been in a physical fight.

I never knew either of my grandfathers but I hear they were wonderful people. 

My friends used to let me drive their cars around when I still wasn't old enough to drive but they were. An ex of mine taught me how to drive in a church parking lot.  It was quite a site, since we later made out in that same parking lot.

The first time I had sex with someone else in the room was in high school with my boyfriend.  My best friend and her boyfriend were in the bed next to us.  It happened more than once on that trip.

I walked home from school from when I was in first grade until I was in high school and got my driver’s license. I used to walk from my school to my sister and brother's school to pick them up because I didn't want them walking home alone. Go figure what was good enough for me wasn't good enough for them. Whenever I am around anyone young they must always walk in front of me so I can watch them appropriately. 

I was never one to do drugs because my mother said she would beat me. Thank goodness for that, have you met a crackhead?!

When I was in junior high, all my friends were all graduated from school. This was a bad idea!! I got into a lot of trouble that way. But, I am glad I was smart enough to know when enough was enough. Because of my friend selection, none of them ever knew where I lived. I trusted them that little. 

I believe that if I were a male with this same brain of mine, I would constantly be standing at attention and never be able to wear normal clothes without looking like a perv!!  If I was an adult in the 70's when life was about peace and love... I believe I would have been a total hippie, having sex with as many people as I wanted, although I probably would have died that way.

I like to live by the phrase; Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Very few people can make me curious. But if you can, you're in trouble. 

My cat purring makes me think of vibrators, which then makes me want to go play with one. 

When I have the rare sweet tooth... I love cheesecake, caramel, white chocolate and homemade peanut butter cookies and chocolate milkshakes.

If I have a hangnail I will bite it and it always hurts but I still keep doing it. At least it's rare that I ever get them. But, I do not ever bite my nails. My nails are really thick & strong, so biting them would be challenging. 

I like being friends with everyone. But, there are a very few that I really connect with and I cherish all those rare few that I connect with.

I absolutely hate getting x-rays at the dentist. Every single time I do it I gag on every single slide. Every time I do it they stare at me with my watery eyes and ask me if I am ok. I apparently don't like rectangle plastic things in the back of my mouth. 

My best friend for the last 14+ years is no longer my best friend. Even through it all, I still miss her. 

I love blankets. I always have a blanket on me in some way or another when I am at home. When I travel up north I always have a blanket with me, even if I am driving. Even when it's summer, I will turn up the air just so that I can have a blanket on me. 

Boys and girls used to sneak inside my room at night when I lived with my parents. 

When I was 12 I stole gum from a grocery store. They called my mom who then came home to kick my ass. My mom is so short that I was able to hide on the top bunk of a bed in the very corner because I knew she couldn't reach me. I stayed up there until my dad came home, that’s when I gave in because I knew he could reach me. 

I've owned an 8 track player and an Atari. I'm a geek in so many ways.  I love books and knowledge, as well as, computers and everything techy!

I love when people make music for me. CD's and things. I love hearing expression through music. I like what songs can express, that words sometimes cannot. I love hearing mixes on the radio from a turntable, the scratching and mixing gets to me in a wicked way. 

If the me as a teenager was standing next to me as an adult, you would probably not recognize the two. Plus, I don't think we'd be friends! 

My parents have only met 4 guys in my entire dating past. 

I had a guitar hero drum set in my living room. Every time I saw it, it made me crazy! 

I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends. 

I rescued my cats from the bitter cold, seriously, it was cold!! They were little kittens wandering the streets, checked with the local animal shelter and they were strays so I had them have their shots and they became family. 

I can touch my toes to my nose. 

I have a hard time being forgiving towards men that hurt me. 

When I first moved to LA, I hated it! I wanted to move back every week for two years. For the first 5 years of living in LA, I moved once every year. 

I haven't ever given up on a dare and I haven't ever told a lie during truth. 

I wink at the screen whenever I send a smiley wink to someone. 

If I don't use product in my hair, I look like a crazy lion! Seriously, it's massive and insane to look at!

When I see dogs running and playing and having fun, I wish I were a dog. 

I believe that I can do anything I want to do but I just don't really know what it is that I really want to do!! It's frustrating and I am only getting older over here. 

I am a voyeur. I love watching people. 

I love being massaged. My neck, shoulders and back are my fav’s but my most favorite spot to be massaged is my ass. It always sends tingles all over my body and I absolutely love it. 

I am an exhibitionist. I love knowing that someone could be watching. So, I do things in public places more often than I should. 

The only people that I don't mind calling me by my nickname are my close friends and family. If I don't really know you, use my full name!

I secretly like being called babe, hun, beautiful and sweetheart. 

When I shower I always do things in a specific order. OCD! 

I first made out with a girl when I was 10. It happened frequently. 

When I was 12 to 14 my two best friends were 5 years older than me. She lived 40 miles away and he lived 30 miles away. I talked them then every single night. My parents hated getting the phone bill. I was always grounded for it. Yet, they never grounded me from the phone!?! HAHAHA

I can count on two hands the amount of sexual partners I have had. Are you surprised??? 

The first guy I brought home became so serious in the matter of weeks that I broke it off because I could not handle it being that serious all of the sudden. I went from dating and dinners to vacations, checking accounts and diamond rings within weeks. Scared me off needless to say!

I started dating my ex-husband because I felt bad for him. Now, I only feel bad for myself.

I used to have a booty call for when I felt frisky and wasn't with anyone.

I have blocked out years 1995-1999. Ask me anything about that period of time and I will not be able to come up with anything to save my life. 

On my honeymoon, I wore new lingerie for every single night of my trip. I came home with a baby. Theories have people believing I was pregnant before I was married, I was not. It was the lingerie that did it. 

I have lived without hot water, electricity, phone and very much food for a long period of time. 

I will under no circumstances share a toothbrush with ANYONE. 

I only eat chocolate maybe once a month and that's a BIG maybe.  I love European chocolate.

One of the reasons I got my breasts done was to not have to wear a bra every day. But, now I wear a bra every day, go figure!

I don't like wearing long sleeves. But, I wear sweaters all the time. 

I love seeing candles burning.  

I will not turn down gifts because I find it rude. I have only turned down one gift in all my life. Even when I think sometimes they are inappropriate gifts, I will take them anyways, so I don't hurt anyone's feelings. I figure if someone was thoughtful enough to get me something, the least I can do is take it and say thank you. 

I had really bad morning sickness with my oldest daughter. Just thinking about food would make me sick. I lost weight until my 7th month when I gained all of it at once. I gained 65 pounds with both girls and lost it all a few months after I had them.

I always respond to texts but I don't like talking on the phone with people I don't know very well. 

My cats sleep on their backs?! They always lay where I am and sleep in the bed with me every night. Thank god for the California King! 

I have a wooden man in a barrel in my house. When you take off the barrel his large penis pops out at you.  It make me laugh when people look at it and don’t know that.

I can talk to my dad on the phone for hours. 

I hate hearing people cry and it makes me want to cry and fix whatever broke their heart. If it was me, I can’t stand it. I have made men cry and it breaks my heart whenever it happens, so I tend to want to forget whatever I as saying and just say never mind. It is probably why I stayed with my ex for longer than I should have. He always cried about me leaving him so I felt like I could never leave.

I swear my bedroom always smells like sex. Sometimes I wonder if my man ever notices when he gets home. 

I want to Go Green with everything.

I collect shot glasses from everywhere I go. 

I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I would love to just lay on soft grass in the warm sun for hours. I cannot remember the last time I laid on grass.  

My daughter is an amazing artist. Ever since she was one, she has been dazzling me with artwork. One of the first memories I have of her dazzling me was when I as driving to or from somewhere and she says look mommy I made a bear. I turn around to look at her and low and behold she's holding a miniature bear in her hands that she sculpted out of GUM. Had she not put it into her mouth I would have saved it forever!! She does this type of stuff on a regular basis. 

When my oldest was a baby we were playing peek-a-boo. She had just learned how to play and in the middle of playing she covers her eyes and doesn't open them. So I move her hand and she fell asleep with a smile on her face playing peek-a-boo. It was so cute. 

I have talked on the phone while having sex. I usually have to go suddenly. 

I have high expectations of many things. Sometimes it’s hard because then I just set myself up to be let down. 

I have been engaged in sexual act while in my parent’s living room while they were talking to me. 

I have had sex while others were in the room watching. 

I always have sex and rarely make love. 

I started masturbating when I was 10 or 11. I got caught a few times. But, no one ever talked to me about it. 

I like my toes being sucks on.

I've always thought that cheating was an unforgivable thing.

I like writing but I have never taken a creative writing class. I find my grammar and spelling horrid. 

I wish my ass was bigger. Yes, I said bigger and yes, I am a female. Nothing better than a handful of spankable ass! 

I love shorts and mini's but I hate the way I look in them. 

I love things that sparkle. I try and sparklize everything I have. 

I own a pair of shoes that I consider my fuck me shoes. 

I often think I am way to skinny and I wish I weren't. Working out doesn't help but I won’t stop because it always feels good. 

I think guys are hot when they wear beanies. 

If I could hire any kind of help, it would be a housekeeper. Most people I know would probably guess I would want a cook. 

I don't like pancakes but I love waffles and French toast. 

Costco always makes me feel like I am going to hyperventilate. But, I love the hot dogs and pizza, it’s a steal. 

My favorite aunt, my only one I really knew died of breast cancer years ago. I miss her so much!

I love my uncle that was married to that same aunt, but I think he's a dog. 

I am not close to any of my extended family. I try to stay connected with everyone, but there is no real connection. I fear one day it will be all lost. I write and send cards but I really don't have any idea about them or anything they do. 

My grandmother sends me 5 bucks every Christmas. I think it’s cute. 

I have family in MN, DC, PI and other places.

I can't drink caffeine. Every time I drink it, it makes me sick the next day. I loved coffee and decaf is really not 100% decaf!

My closest friends are the funniest people I have ever met. They always know how to make me laugh at any given moment. 

I own over 30 pairs of jeans, but only 4 of them are my favorite.

I always vote. 

My dad turned all gray by the time he was 25. My mom has a full head of black hair and has never had to dye it. I take after my dad. 

I sing and dance every time I am in my car. I don't always do it well but I really enjoy doing it. I really don't care who is watching. 

I breast fed both my kids for about a year. 

The birth of my oldest daughter was the worse pain I have ever felt in all my life. The second was a walk in the park if we were comparing. The 2nd took the longest amount of time to heal, go figure!! Both labors took over 15 hours. 

I gauge my menstrual cycle by the moon. 

I hate watching people act sulky.  Buck up buddy, things ain't that bad. 

I like to color in coloring books. But I cannot draw worth anything. I'll be sporting those stick figures for eternity. 

I like going to baseball games to mainly eat all the junk food while yelling from the stands and singing during the 7th inning stretch. I have been on the jumbotron more than once. I used to go to A's games all year round till I was a teenager. I still like to go. I am first and foremost an A's fan, then a Dodger's fan. 

I used to watch wrestling all the time, from when I was about 10 and watching Hulk Hogan & Macho Man to the Rock and the Undertaker. I have been to a few shows. Even though it's all fake  it was pretty entertaining. Plus, I had a thing for the Rock. Hmmm... Had? 

I like watching Raider Football. I hate that they suck now. But, I will always be a fan. I have only been to two games. I have an official NFL football signed by Tim Brown, along with a signed NFL Jersey and a piece of his jersey that he played in a Game with in my living room. I am a fan of Tim Brown. I miss Tim Brown. 

I love watching basketball. I think cause I used to play it regularly on the street with kids in the neighborhood, it sparks the most interest. I used to be good enough that I could play against the boys. I also like it because it’s always fast moving and makes you somewhat crazy. I hate fouls. I like watching college basketball and betting on it. 

I have never been to a hockey game. But, I hear I would probably like it. 

I used to play tennis badly when I had a tennis court. It wasn't as fun as sweaty basketball. 

I have sprained my middle finger twice and broken my foot twice.

I would like to go zip lining over a gorgeous mountain area and over a body of water someday soon. 

I think the Bluetooth is one of the best things ever. 

I have had multi-inputs.

I have been horseback riding a few times. I loved it but it scared me all at the same time. My horse took off running and they had to have others come calm him down. It was a bit insane. But, I would love to go, again. 

My brain is more vulgar than my mouth. 

My first dog was a German Sheppard. I loved that dog with everything I had. I had to help carry him to the car when he was dying. I was 14 and it was the saddest thing ever.

I love Facebook but I hate the Facebook apps. I tend to open them like I am adding whatever someone asked me to add. But, I don't ever look at them once I add them. I don't need apps about drinks, flowers or pillow fights. 

I love being nibbled and sucked on. But, I don't like hickeys. I love scratching my nails against a strong back when I am having intense pleasure.

I have been on television on more than one occasion. 

When I did a photo shoot for Playboy it was weird and uncomfortable almost the entire time. The best pictures were the last pictures that they took when I was tired and I didn't care that I was completely naked standing in front of a bunch of people I didn't know.

Sometimes I wish my hair was naturally straight, but I am often glad that I have the choice of either. 

I bruise way too easily. At any given moment you can probably find at least 3 bruises on me. 

My favorite flower is roses, my favorite color is blue and my favorite sound is laughter. 

When I was younger my mom and I used to watch the show Cops every week together. The song “bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you”, always makes me think of my mom. 

I’ve had cyber-sex. 

Biggest turn off I recently decided is, because I realized it makes me nuts every time, being poked with a penis. Let me go on and explain. If I am just sitting around or laying around or standing around and a guy walks up and pokes me with their penis because they are in the mood. Whether or not I was or was not in a mood, too, I will be turned off. I like a lot more foreplay than that. C'mon guys, give a girl a break!

I've been skydiving once. I would love to go again, but maybe when my kids are a little older. I was sooo terrified I would die and leave them motherless. But, it was an amazingly peaceful sensation. 

I was bitten by a dog when I was about 7. I just remember screaming bloody murder as my mom held me in the front seat of the car and going to the hospital. They had to tie me down to a bed so they could fix it. It was horrific and I'm surprised I didn't grow up hating hospitals or dogs.

I believe that I am addicted to sex. 

I love the sound of the morning scruffy voice on a man. I find it uncontrollably sexy. 

At one point of my life I was so depressed with my life, that I felt there was no reason to go on with it. Now, I am completely opposite and so very thankful for it. 

My short term memory is so awful... shit, what was I going to say? 

I have been proposed to in a truck, hot air balloon and in the Pocono's.

I have never raced a car, but would love to! I would love to go on a track and speed at ridiculous speeds. 

Divorce is one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life and it’s been a 13 year fight that keeps on going!

I lost my virginity to my neighbor who still lives next door to my parents.

When I was 13 I would get a call every night around the same time from a stalker. Told me what I was wearing and what he wanted to do to me. I never hung up and I always listened. My best friend was there one night and heard what he was saying so he bitched him out and I never heard from him again.

I love the shooting range.  Last time that I went I used a higher caliber gun and was so scared of its strength that after I shot it I put it down and backed away quickly because I thought I hit the roof, turns out that I got a bullseye!

My favorite toy as a kid was all the boy’s toys. I loved remote control race cars and playing with my brothers hot wheels and ninja turtles. Barbies were fun, but somehow Ken was always naked and Barbie was always moody. 

My husband is the one person that knows the most about me and he only knows about half. My sister is the second runner up. 

When I was 12 I got it on with a girl in my very large closet. It became a thing for quite some time. 

My parents have only met 4 guys in my entire dating past. 

I have never raced a car, but would love to! I would love to go on a track and speed at ridiculous speeds.

I love blogging but I don’t ever write as much as I think.  I have so many idea’s that I don’t ever catch up.


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this window into your colorful world...

    Sir x

    1. You're very welcome, glad you enjoyed it!! :)


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