About Ms. B

My name is… obviously I’m not going to tell you that, how would I stay anonymous?!

So, Ms. B will have to do.  I will respond to many other names, too, like hun, hunny, sweetie and other terms of endearment.  In my daily life I hear a wide array of terms and pet names, some I like and some I don’t.  But, all in all, I think it says more about the person and their word choice than it does about me. 

As you read my posts you will have more insight into my mind than most people I know.  At times it will be crazy, sinful, exciting, depressing and always highly sexual, it will talk about loss, love, kids and even the PTA, I will express my feelings on friendships with both men and women, I will have my ups and downs on the screen, but it will mostly be light and humorous!

Enjoy the ride - the journey is as important as the destination!

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