20 Somethin'

There's a point in time when having a barely 20 something year old check you out that makes a girl feel dirty... And not in the fun way you are thinking!


It goes without saying that guys probably don't think like that when a young 20 year old female checks them out but for me... I just feel weird. 


If I notice a much younger guy staring, I'll look away and try and walk fast in the opposite direction. I feel like it is inappropriate for them to look at me and for me to look back, even when I do like the attention. It's a strange feeling and it makes me wonder about those women out there having relationships with teenagers. How do they do that?! There is just some things a man can do a hell of a lot better than a boy!  


When a guy dates a younger girl, he's rewarded with a slap on the back, a punch in the shoulder and a loud "way to go" but if I walked into a room with a guy that looked half my age, I'd get angry stares of disbelief! Well, at least from the women... the guys would probably be thinking something along the lines of... he must have a big cock.  In all honesty, that would probably be the only reason I would be dating a 20 something kid because I highly doubt it would be for intellectual conversations. 


I'm not as old as I now sound but I have to say, when I entered my 30's my desires changed. You don't think about those young boys surrounding you, you think about the man that knows his way around your body and mind... It's called mind-blowing for a reason!


  1. I completely agree.,... You should stick with the slightly older, ten years is ok, with know how, someone comfortable with, experience, handsome, personable, passionate and creative. A large cock may inspire you too.
    It's that something you don't have to say that is there, an emotion without having to express it, a passion that comes from within, know how of how to touch, caress, feel, explore, that comes not with only age, but does come with experience. It's that "mind blowing" that you must get back to and experience again and again.

  2. I used to watch all the young ones at the mall, the gym, or even at work, but I started thinking, what would we talk about afterwards, or at dinner, or when I'm on the phone. It can't all be about sex, most of it sure, but sometimes you have to talk. And so my attractions changed. I want someone brave enough to state their needs and smart enough to watch Jon Stewart and get all the jokes. :-)

  3. OH B don't beat around the bush just come out and say it guys like me in their 40's with our rough and ruddy golf tan or wind blow ski complexion are just HOT. Our receding hairline only provides shape to the contour of our thoughtful neocortex full of life experiences we are so ready to share with you. We're the fer shizzel and We know it! :)

    Hey great to see you back! Take Care.

  4. Cute pic, hope he enjoyed the feel, it will be a long time before he gets another shot like that one...
    And yes, maturity enjoys the feel of mature hands on their body...


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