FFF - Conclave

The conclave has started as I arrive inside the church.  I slowly strip out of my clothes to accept my punishment.  I walk forward as the priests surround me and slowly tie my hands and feet together.  I’m not really sorry and they sense that as I hold my head high.
I watch as four men encircle me and recite my misdeeds.  I nod in agreement as my penance begins.
The men eagerly disrobe, leaving them naked.  They knew how they planned to discipline me before
I arrived, I can tell by the thrill that plays across their eyes.
They begin to crowd around me, slowly stroking their cocks.  Someone guides me down to my knees and I feel the rope slide between the lips of my pussy. I straighten myself so that it’s not too tight but I know that’s not going to last long.  One by one, they march up to fuck my mouth and I comply by thrusting my head back and forth. I feel the rope gliding against my clit and begin to orgasm while the last priest finishes inside my mouth.
He turns to look at the others and I know I’m in trouble again.
NOW, for your bonus, tell me what she did!
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  1. Ooooh, I like her head held high even though she is being punished, and yes, the rope needs to find just the right nesting place to become part of the play.

    I'm so glad you were able to join in this week!!!

    1. Of course, she's a big girl and knows what she did! Yes, the ropes... painfully hard and fun.

      Did you figure out what she was being punished for? :)

      Thanks, I'm glad too! I was missing the fun!

  2. Lovely story. Now what did she do to deserve having her mouth washed out with sperm? Hm... say a dirty word? no. cuss in church? no. Oh! She must have said that the next pope should be a woman! :)

  3. Awesome having the ropes giving her pleasure while at the same time binding her.

  4. Sexy piece...
    What did she do wrong? .. I'm going to say orgasm...

    peace and love

  5. She was caught in the confessional sucking one of the parishiners cocks while the priest was giving his sermen to the congregation.

  6. Short and erotic.. Is she being punished for having an orgasm without permission? ...
    Don't leave me hanging.. ;)


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