TMI: Rabbits

1. What feels better, the moment right before cumming, the moment of cumming, or the moment right after cumming?
The moment right before is filled with sensual anticipation that has my body throbbing but the moment of release, when all of my body is trembling with uncontrollable ecstasy is what I love the most.
2A. For the fellas: it is said that guys will fuck anything that moves. but what if you’re a hippie who’s in love with the wind, how would that relationship work out?
HAHA, that would be an amazing video.
2B. For the ladies: what would be your first gut reaction after the guy you’re on a first date with after months of online chatting looks you straight in the eye and whispers to you even before saying hi, “let’s fuck like rabbits…”?
My gut reaction would be that I have been leading him up to this point and I must want to fuck like rabbits, too.  So, let’s get to it!
3. There can only be ONE!!! Okay, you have to choose EITHER your dream man/woman/lover/partner or your dream job, one or the other, not both. Which do you choose for the rest of your life and why?
Dream man, because without that what the hell is everything else for anyways?!  I think there is a reason that wedding vows say for better or worse, or richer or poorer… because without that love and companionship what do you care about all the money for in the world anyways?  The things that really matter in life isn’t measured by our bank accounts.  I don’t need to shop because my dream man is the best fuck buddy ever, so I’m kinda busy!
4. Is love itself, being in love, crazy? Or is the world crazy, and love serves to heal a crazy world? Or is it that you’re crazy and the world is just fine? I guess what I’m asking from you is for a little treatise on the general topic of love and craziness. What is love?… Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me…
Being in love makes you crazy and is not in itself crazy.
The world is most definitely crazy and getting crazier.
You know you’re crazy when you stop wondering if you are crazy.
Love and craziness is the best kind.  As long as the craziness is late night wild acts of passion.
Love is selflessness.
It’ll only hurt for a second…
Bonus: If all of us in the blogging community pooled our resources together and chained our blogs in unison into one big shining electrical power line of humanity, could we save the world?
If it was this in particular blogging community, then yes, we would save the world.  We would all be busy screwing that we wouldn’t have any time to fight with anyone.
To play along: TMI: Tuesday

In the spirit of rabbits I thought I would share since I seem to like them so much.  Here are two past halloween costumes when I was a rabbit and a bunny... and then I was Peg Bundy hopping around and wanting to fuck like rabbits.  Like I said, I love dress up and pictures! ;)


  1. haha! I love the dress up! that is so cool!
    love your answers :)
    hehe #2 i was a bit daring myself *grins*

    Happy T day!

    1. Thanks, Luv!! It's a lot of fun! I will have go check yours now now... :)

      Happy New Years!

  2. Wow those are some great costumes, especially the Peg ones. Nice work.

  3. fantastic Peg Bundy costume there, sexy and well-made, with the wild hair and everything! I miss that show, that Fox anniversary special reminded me of its simple greatness when they aired the pilot episode. hippity-hoppity hip hop. I was stoked Hedone used my questions :) I'm typing this to you right now using the tiny Tiny Voice activated keyboard On my new iPad Mini

    1. Thank you. I had fun getting it all together. I new that wig was perfect when I was walking down the street with it to my car and had people yelling Peggy at me. That's the Blvd. for you.

      It was a great show, simply funny!

      I'm glad she used your questions, your always funny and I imagined the funny things you meant by each question!

      You picked the iPad mini huh, and I voted for the other one, too! How do you like it? I love my iPad but I think it's taking years off my life since I can't seem to do anything but play games on it!

  4. I love your answer to 2B,it's nice when a woman knows what she is doing and why.

    "I don’t need to shop because my dream man is the best fuck buddy ever, so I’m kinda busy!"

    you make us all jealous.... :-)

    1. Thanks, Advizor!

      Haha, I'm glad you liked that!


  5. I like the Peg Bundy - makes me want to be your Special Shoe Salesman!


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