Sleep Tight, Little Darling!

If you have a situation anything like mine you don’t get to fully enjoy being tangled in sheets.   When there are kids down the hall that could hear you or wake up at any moment.  Screaming out “spank me, big boy” isn’t the sexiest thing you’ve ever said but you sure don’t want to be sitting at breakfast with your child asking if you were bad last night.
Because of that, I hold back a lot when I am having sex because I don’t want to be heard and as my kids get older the likeliness of them hearing or being awake increases every year.  I still enjoy myself and even with the doors locked like Fort Knox, I still don’t want to take any chances they are on the other side of the dooring wondering why mommy said “give it to me hard, baby”!
I end up with a lot of tongue biting, pillow smoothering, whimpering and sometimes he’s even had to physically clamp my mouth to get to me quite down.  I can get really loud and I love to express myself in that way, but sometimes I get so lost in the moment that I forget to shut the fuck up!
Moving on…
The other day my girls were away at sleepovers and instead of going out to dinner, I told my man when I get home I wanted a movie and popcorn.  We ended up watching bits and pieces of 21 Jump Street and barely touched the popcorn.
When he came into the room to start watching the movie, I was laying on the bed in barely anything of a nighty and that was a very obvious clue to him that I could careless about the movie.  We watched and enjoy it as we kissed, stroked and had lots of foreplay.  Soon, the movie was over and I was more than ready to enjoy my night doing whatever I wanted, as loud as I wanted and for as long as I wanted!
I remember screaming in ecstacy, telling him what I wanted, showing him how I wanted it.  Playing with myself, stroking him and letting him do as he pleased with my body.  I can’t tell you how many orgasms I had that night because there were so many that my body laid trembling for a long time after.  He had me in so many positions, spanking me, biting me and devouring every inch he wanted.
I’ve talked about hitting the G-spot and the all-consuming, body quaking orgasm it can leave a girl with.  That night was filled with multiples of just that and as I swore I couldn’t take much more, I’d start to feel my body want to release, again… and again.  I could barely hold myself together as he pounded me faster and faster until I would explode all over him.  I was wet all over from the sheer force of each orgasm, it was so insanely intense.
There wasn’t the dinner and dressing up, there wasn’t the romance on tv to bring us closer together, there wasn’t the conversation that was deep and meaningful.
I didn’t need to wine and dine, I didn’t need the cuddling and hugging, I didn’t need to say or hear a thing because what there was, was in the eyes, telling all and sharing everything without so much as a word.  The passion and connection that was felt through our bodies told us everything we wanted to know, the respect and trust that we had, to be able share each others bodies completely.  It doesn’t have to be a production as long as it is filled with that one on one, body on body contact that you see with your eyes and feel with your heart.


  1. I hate to break the bad news, but it's going to get worst. The older they get, the better their hearing gets. My spouse got so use to holding back, even when the kids got grown and our new house has the master bedroom on the opposite of the house, she is so use to holding back, I have to remind her it's OK to let go...

    1. That's what I am slowly learning! I don't know how I am going to still be able to enjoy it as I please if I am constantly worrying about the kids walking into the room. But, I guess I have figured it out so far and will continue to...

  2. It sounds so amazing. I too, am cursed (jk!) with three kids, thin walls, and a teenager who is probably more aware of what certain sounds mean. I'm constantly being "shhhh'd" and, though I love sweet whispers of passion, I really need to get rid of the kids for a bit for some loud fun.

    You inspire me.

    1. I'm glad you are inspired! Go set up those sleepovers or long playdates and get yourself some loud action!

      Last night I thought I was maintaining a very quite stance and the first thing he said after was, you were being kinda loud. Here I thought I was doing good! lol


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