We are having an epidemic people!!
So many people have Nomophobia, it’s overwhelming.  Am I one of those people, probably to an extent.
I don’t get on the phone while talking with other people. 
I don’t ignore people helping me because I’m on a call.
I don’t talk louder than a blasting radio while on my phone shopping.
I don’t walk through the library screaming do you hear me now?!
I don’t talk on speaker phone for the whole world to know my business.I don’t sit with my phone on the table while out eating with someone. 
I don’t read emails while in the middle of a heart to heart.
I don’t play Angry Birds while I’m visiting with people.
I don’t text while in conversation with someone. 
Phones aren’t even allowed at the dinner table, nor do we answer it if it rings.  
There’s plenty more I’m sure I don’t do but some that I probably do, do.
Too many people with phones and apps that leave people unable to concentrate on what is in front of them because they are so busy looking at their phones and what they might miss if they put it down for a second.
Please for the love of god, give yourself and those around you a break and more attention!  It’s not that urgent, you can like that picture on Facebook later, it will still be there for all of eternity!  Please, stop texting when you are out to lunch with a friend you don’t see often and when it’s time for family, silence your phones and get to your emails later!
Everyone is going to miss out on life because we are all so scared we are going to miss something important like the next blog entry from Ms. B!


  1. Excuse me could you say that again please I was sharing a tweet to my Facebook and posting the pictures to my Instagram while linking to my Pinterest.

    1. Haha, exactly, Ryan!!!! Wait your on Instagram? :)

  2. Hold onto that thought I have a post coming out in a few weeks that talks to that point.

    1. I look forward to what you have to say about that point!


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