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Sex Game People Play
1. Did you ever play strip poker (or strip spin-the-bottle, or similar)? Did nudity result? Were there further developments? Details please.
Yes, I’ve played many sex games and nudity was always a result!  Strip Poker, Seven Minutes of Heaven, Truth or dare, Spin the Bottle and all the other adults games a person can play, always started with a kiss then lead to so very much more.  A short story, I may have written about before, once I played Guitar Hero while involved in a sexual act.  The idea was to see how well a person could do while being done.  Sex games, yes, please!!

2. Did you ever play a nude party game, such as Naked Twister? Did it lead to anything further?
Yes, played quite a few.  Lead to something more, always.  Read above, again!
3. Did you ever play a game of Truth or Dare that led to nudity, or fondling, or more?
Um, I think I already answered all these questions.  But, yes… I have played that quite a few times.  I have a really hard time ever backing down from a dare… even when it leads to streaking!   My first kiss started with a dare… which definitely ended up leading to more.
4. Did you ever attend a party that led to sex with a more or less randomly chosen partner, i.e., swingers-lifstyle party, key party*?  *key party – A couples party where all of the men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, the women blindly select a set of keys to determine who she goes home with for the rest of the evening for sexual gratification.
I have never been to a key party because this is the first time I have ever even heard about one.  It sounds… interesting!  My answer, no, I haven’t been to randomly chosen partners are made for sex.
5. Did you ever participate in unexpected co-ed skinny dipping in a group?
Yes, and you forgot to ask me to explain.
Bonus: Do you have a favorite fantasy about a sexy party? Please share.
I like parties and I love sex.  But I haven’t thought about sex party fantasies. I guess I better tihnk about it and return with a better answer!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
1. What is the best thing you received for Christmas?
2. What is the best gift you gave for Christmas?
My girls got everything they ever could dream about, but they got so much more than they know.  Loving my family is the best thing I can do for them, so I do it with all my heart!
3. What is your Christmas wish?
It was just to enjoy time with those that are closest to me.  To relax, eat great food and spend it with people that matter the most.  And, that is exactly what I did!  So, my wish came true!!
4. What are you plans for New Year’s Eve?
My plans were to hang out and relax.  I ended up spending it with close friends which was fun and some of it became a little foggy as the night wore on.
Bonus: The end of the world aka the Mayan apocalypse did not occur on 12/21/2012. Nonetheless people across the world prepared for the doomsday event. How did you prepare for the end of the world?
I prepared by relaxing and watching the madness around me.  I think I might have opened a nice bottle of wine and toasted to those that were preparing for my demise.  Thankfully they were wrong and there was still more wine to drink!
The Sexiest Thing
1. What is the sexiest thing you’ve done in the last two months?
I think it would have been a few days ago, when we had a sitter… it was amazing.  Read this for the details:  Sleep Tight, Little Darling
2. What is the sexiest thing you’ve worn in the last 30 days?
I've worn a few things recently but apparently it was what I wore last night, pink lacy bra with matching panties.  I think the contrast between the pink and my skin tone was perfect.  He could keep his hands off me and I could wait until there was more he couldn’t keep off me.  After a lot of foreplay, he moved right in for some hot body on slippery body sex.  Hmmm… I better wear that one, again!
3. What is the sexiest thing you’ve watched in the last 30 days?
You bloggers!  I watch and read and listen and see all the naughty, dirty things you do and I love every minute of it.  Especially when I see video or pictures attached.  Thanks bloggers for entertaining me thoroughly!!
4. What is the sexiest thing you’ve heard in the last two weeks?
I think everything I heard in the moment of wild sex.  You’re making me so hard, grab my cock, yea, fuck me like that, your pussy’s so wet, I’m going to spank your ass… shall I continue?  I think you get the point.
5. What is the sexiest thing you’ve said in the last 24 hours?
Ohhhhh yea fuck me, let me have your cock, I taste myself on you, you like that, spank me, harder, harder, harder, oh god yes I love your dick, give it to me and you can imagine the rest that comes out of my mouth.
Bonus: Tell us or show us something sexy.

This is what I was referring to in #2 under "The Sexiest Thing".


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  1. It is no longer a surprise why I make so many friends on the Internet, answers like these make it very easy. :-)


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