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I love Vegas but sometimes I think Vegas doesn’t always love me back.  A quick rundown of why I think that.  In May 2011, my water pump failed and left me stranded on Vegas Blvd the day I was driving back home.  In April 2012, a nail flattened my tire in the hotel and I didn’t know that until the day I was scheduled to drive back.  And, FYI, there are no open mechanics on Sunday in Vegas and if you ever need help finding things in Vegas, I’m the person to call. Now, we can get to November 2012…
The night I got there was filled with lots and lots of drinks and dancing and an all-around good time but as the night became day, I became all too aware that my foot was hurting so I went back to the hotel for some R&R.  Good thing, too, because my man ended up feeling the waves of Patron, Vodka, Rum and Jager!  I couldn’t believe he drank all that and didn’t realize that when I asked him to get rid of a vodka soda that was handed to me, that his idea of getting rid of it was to down it. Needless to say there was nothing fun to report that night.
When I woke up that morning, I got ready and left my man sleeping in the bed and I have to say at least he was in bed and not passed out elsewhere!  I went down to meet some of our group for breakfast just to realize as I walked around the buffet that I couldn’t really walk.  I ended up going back to my room to find myself an ER.
When I get into the lobby there is this guy literally passed out mid-sentence while writing a note.  It looked as though he went to the ER and they forgot about him and he died.  I wanted to take a picture of the girl in the corner sleeping under the chairs, too, but didn’t want to be that girl taking picture of everyone in the waiting room.
I thought the lobby was crazy but Vegas likes to surprise you with more than you consider…
I go into a triage area where everyone that is being seen is sitting in recliners talking to the doctor’s about their issues while the person next to them is hacking up a lung, getting bones reset or like me, sitting in a wheelchair trying to hop on one foot to the recliner.  It was very interesting to say the least.  Good thing I didn’t have anything too personal to talk about besides my foot.
After tests, x-rays and the offer of drugs over and over, they finally tell me that I either sprained or fractured my foot.  I think that’s a huge difference but they having nothing interesting to say besides get more x-rays in three days.  They tell me they are going to fit me with a boot and give me some crutches.  Joyful!  Plus, they offered me more drugs.  I suppose most people that go in their want drugs.  Speaking of people in there…
So, this girl comes in and sits in the recliner that is next to me and she looks like she just walked out of a gang hideout and needs a refill of something.  She brought her man with her just like I did.  Except mine left the room minutes before they walked in, but he left the chair he pulled up to sit next to me in place for his return.  Of course, this girls man doesn’t think twice about it before sitting in the chair that is about one foot away from me, facing me.  Talk about awkward!
She nags at him over and over to sit with him and she gives us both dirty looks. I want to throw my hands and up and say not my deal women, he’s your man.  But, I don’t even want to look at either of them.  He is facing me, staring me down like he would like to take me home and tie me to the bed and never let me leave.  If you have ever had that feeling, scary huh!  He wouldn’t stop looking at me like I was something he was trying to figure out how to get out of the ER, passed security and his girl that I swear came with a shank or something.
At this point, I am feeling like I need to run, but how the hell do I do that, I can’t even walk!  So, I get up and hobble to the bathroom which thankfully was right next to my seat and when I return her man is now laying in the recliner with her, thank fuck!  At that same moment, my man returns and takes his seat that is now empty again.
I hear her say “Seeeeee, she’s with someone, wha’d ya think you were gonna get?!”
I try at this point to ignore them and just hope to hell they get me out of there as soon as possible.  My man had no idea what was going on and sat there like the night before was catching up with him.  If it weren’t for the fact that I was in the recliner, a doctor might have never guessed I was the one in need of help.
They come back with my boot and crutches and a mountain of paperwork with payment options, so to have more privacy my man takes the paperwork guy into the front office to settle that part while I am with my nurse hearing my instructions and learning to use the crutches and of course receiving prescriptions for more drug I said I didn’t wait.
When my man comes back it’s to find the crazy guy completely turned around staring at me with that same look I described before.  He looks at me like “what the fuck?” and I shrug saying we are almost out of here.  Then the paperwork guy comes back and pulls my man away and now he looks reluctant to leave but goes with him since I am now surrounded by nurses and the doctor.
Then the girlfriend comes back and she sees him and starts yelling at him saying “Good, she’s leaving so you don’t have to be all up in her face anymore!” And, that’s when he turns around and yells at her “Shut the fuck up, you bitch!”
It was so weird and uncomfortable and I think that I was surrounded because they knew why they were fighting and it was so incredibly awkward and they did seriously look like the kinds of people with long wrap sheets and the battle scars to prove it.
Thank god I left right after in a hurried hop on one foot with crutches kinda way.  By the way, crutches in Vegas suck major ass and not in the fun ass sucking kind of way.
After that, we had a pretty good time at Dick’s Last Resort and Tryst, both of which are a really good time. Plus, that night made up for the trip to the ER because…
When I got back to the room, I put on a little black nighty and crawled onto the bed knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do anything crazy with my foot hurting.  It severely bummed me out because I was looking forward to some crazy, wild fun in Vegas.
While he ran off the bathroom, I laid back and began to feel my head swim from the drinks of the night.  As I stared to dose while waiting for him to come back from the bathroom, I hear a whisper and I looked up to find him, which I quickly assumed as him, dressed in all black wearing a black mask… now, for the back story:
It was so fucking hot, exactly what I had imagined, complete with head tilt and all.  It was fun in a wicked kind of way and you can imagine the crazy things that come with wearing something like that for play.  I can’t wait to see him in it again, when I can be a better participant and fully involved in the role play that should be with a getup like that.
Then to top things off he even brought along a toy that I had been coveting, which I talked about here: It was fun and interesting to say the very least.  It was a little odd to work with at first but I think we need another go at it and to use it to its full potential.  It was definitely a great way to end the weekend and something to look forward to again soon.
When I get more time, I will have to elaborate on the sexy side of the busy life that I enjoy.  I just wanted to write a little bit about the things I would have written had I had this time!  Happy reading!


  1. Glad you took the time! Take more soon, I did have fun reading.

    1. Thanks, I need more time for more writing fun!

      Oh, and I was going to ask how do you subscribe to blogs through email. I put a link on my page but if people don't have that same link I don't know how. I wanted to add yours so I can read it without having to log in.


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