Sometimes everything isn’t about sex...

I wanted to write about the things going on within my life right now, but it’s all so disconcerting that I found that I just couldn’t even type it.  So, I thought maybe it would be easier to write something light, something does doesn’t feel as heavy as I do.
I realize that most people within the blogging world I have inserted myself into really just want to read about sex.  It seems that the most views come from things that talk about, elude to or down right talk about fucking, no matter how distasteful it may be, especially if they involve pictures.  Those seem to be the biggest hit.  While I do love pictures and I don’t mind posting them… sometimes everything isn’t about sex.
WHAT NOW?  Did she really just say that?!
Ok, I know that you might think everything is about sex and/or revolves around it.  But, sometimes, though it may be few and far between, sometimes we have more on our mind than just a simple fuck story here and there.
What does one write when you don’t want to write about your life or about sex?  I don’t even know.

And now that I have written the word sex and fucking, it’s really all that I can think about.  I have to say writing a post that’s not about sex but really is all about sex is pretty funny.
Now that I can’t get it out of my head why don’t I write a few things on my mind in regards to sex because I guess it is all about sex in one way or another!
I have found the football and fucking fun but I haven’t been able to dress up since our last horrible loss, which is horrible in itself.  I had to leave town and just recently got back into town to find myself unable to do much of anything.  It was quite a pity but don’t feel sorry for me, I haven’t had time to play dress up but I have had time to enjoy some alone time with my penis, it’s not really his is it?!
Ponyboy recently talked about having a dry spell and how it seems that once you get in a rhythm, so to speak, you tend to stick to it.  Whether is having sex all the time or having a period of time without it.  I feel like if I don’t get it all the time, the time in between seems to stretch longer than either of us probably likes.  Then why the distance, why don’t we just break the cycle and just jump each other?  It’s a great question that I would love an answer to.
I don’t think it’s the lack of desire because though he may not realize it, I think about it a lot more than I make it known.  Sometimes, I feel like I just want him to be aggressive and take control and just jump the fuck on.  It’s those lulls that I tend to wonder, what the fuck.  If you were faster about it, we would already be done and going to bed, for real.
I know I am the “woman” and we have to be respected and lead the way.  The guys have to be sensitive to what we want and when we want it because it’s our body and what not.  But, sometimes I just want to be fucked in a way that is so disrespectful that you wouldn’t be able to repeat what happened the next day.  I want to be grabbed and manhandled appropriately.  Sometimes I just need… that’s really it, I just need!
And there you have it, why we all sit and wait, each person wants the other to take control.
The other day while I was getting ready and trying to do it quickly as my time was slowly running out and I asked my partner if he planned on showering and he responded with a simple “but you’re in there”.  I responded with an “oh no, now you can’t shower”.  Though my sarcasm was apparent, he didn’t seem to care since he was already naked and in the shower within the minute.  Now, I know that I asked for it… kinda, but I thought why aren’t we both more forward with what we want?  He wanted to and I wanted to, but we both just kind of danced around it.  Of course as soon as he was in the shower, no one was playing coy.  Then as the time ticked on and we were now both running late, neither of us wanted to stop.
I have been thinking about that shower show and I want more.  I want to feel that hardness between my legs, hot and slippery.  I want to feel the pressure of hips thrusting against me as I grab and pull harder and harder.  I want to be flipped and fondled in every position.  I want to feel lips on my skin, kissing me, nibbling me, biting me everywhere.  I want to be in such ecstasy that I figure to think about anything else but the hardness pushing inside of me until I scream.
I want… we all want!  Why isn’t it just that easy?!


  1. I wish I had the answer too, it's strange especially when you're in a monogomous relationship and are supposed to be super comfortable with the person. You should be able to just get after what you want.

    I guess it takes practice...

    And by the way, if you ever want to write about something that isn't sex, or not post pics or whatever just do it.

    It's your blog so do what you want with it.

    Hope things are on the up and up.

    1. It is very strange. If we all acted like we were single in our relationships, then I know we would all most definitely go away what we want, repeatedly.

      Apparently years and years of practice!

      Yea, I tend to write the most random things, I somethings think there should be a theme to my blog but there never really is!

      & thank you... they are!

  2. You're right, sometimes it's ain't all about sex but show me a post about sex with a hot shower photo and I'll show you blog stats up 25%!

    The key though is getting our attention. Once you have it you can talk about Tolstoy of Jimmy Choo shoes and we'll likely read.

    1. Yea, I like pictures and it always grabs me even if the writer doesn't. But, I always hope that there is something to it, especially if they can provide such a great photo!

      If only I wrote that well, then I would be doing so much more than blogging in my Jimmy Choo's! :)~


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