My Life is an Alarm Clock!

Last week I hosted a small event with about 100 people.  As they filtered through, I thought about how I am about to do this every few weeks and I think about the endless smiles and hand shaking, the coffee and crumpets to be served, the head nodding and mindless mingling and wonder what it is that I enjoy about doing these things that make me continue to do event after event.  It’s a great mystery.
I have been so extremely busy that my day is filled with a down to the minute schedule that if something goes late, everything would go late.  It is mind-boggling that I can even get through as many tasks, appointments and meetings without going utterly insane.  I literally have to be the queen multi-tasking to manage all the gears I switch through on any given day.
I have about 6 alarms set per day of things of the utmost importance so that I don’t get side-tracked and forget something, especially something like picking up my kids.  I haven’t done that before and I am trying to make sure that I don’t, so I have all these alarms to remind me where I need to be and when.  What’s even better is that there have already been a few occasions that I hear it go off and I am baffled, looking down wondering what I was supposed to be doing right then.  So the alarm system is a pain to set every day but it’s actually already saving me from forgetting some important things.  And no, it wasn’t my kids that I forgot but I did have about 15 minutes to be somewhere that I completely forgot about until I heard the shrill of my frantic alarm or was that shrill coming from me?!
Yesterday when my daughter came home, she went straight the couch and hides under the covers.  I knew something wasn’t right immediately.  Every day she is playing in the yard, dancing around and full of soooo much energy that I can’t keep up.  You know something is wrong when they act the opposite of themselves.  I greet her with a hug and a hand to the forehead to realize instantly that she has a fever.
One thing I just LOVE about school is (imagine a sarcastic smile) kids and their germs.  My girls will go through the summer without a cold and they always get sick when they return to the confines of the classroom.  I don’t really get this and it’s so frustrating.  Last year my daughter got a perfect attendance award and I was kind of shocked but realized that she managed to stay germ free the whole school year.  Now, here we are already missing school within the first month.  I hope that since she got this flu now that she will surpass the rest of the virus’ coming to attack.  I am crossing my fingers on that one.
So, now my daughter is home sick which means I am home, too.
She told me the best part about being sick is that I spoil her, and I realize that I do.  I feel so bad for the girls when they are sick, I just want to make them as comfortable as possible and do whatever I can to manage and get rid of the symptoms as quickly as I can.  Of course she told me the worst part is actually being sick.  I agreed!
This is why I think she feels spoiled,
breakfast in bed!

As she rests comfortably, I look at my calendar and realize that I am scheduled to be a few places in the next two days that I know I can’t make and that’s when the calls begin to rearrange my life.  One by one I start to whiteout my appointments and whatnots, then I start cramming the rescheduled events into the next week. 
I see a busy week ahead...
Then I see the present day in front of me, cleared of EVERYTHING.  I feel a sense of relief and I want to jump of joy at the blankness of my little calendar box.  I have turned off my alarms and I am going to enjoy the nothingness that is my day and watch movies and lay around basking in the joy of my daughter while I can. 
Have a great TGIF and weekend bloggers… it’s time for the busy bee to have some peace!


  1. I hope you have an IPhone so Siri can tell where you need to be throughout the day.

    I know I live via my Outlook calendar!

    Let me know if you ever need help deciding which crumpet to serve with which blend of coffee! :)

    1. I don’t have the ever coveted iPhone 5, yet. But, it’s one of those things on my to-do list. I will get to it when the time comes. Although, by then it could be iPhone 10! ;)

      I used to manage everything through Outlook but now I used Google calendar because you can link certain things to the whole household and everyone knows where everyone is at. Although, I stay pretty old school and I have to write most everything down. But, when I use Google, it works really great for everyone involved.

      Well, I am doing another event next week and it will be house blend Starbucks for those crazy coffee addicts… so please, pick a crumpet to serve with house coffee! ;)


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