Horn Tooting

Any parent knows the struggles we all face in raising kids.  Wanting to make that we are raising them right and teaching them all the important things in life so that one day they will go out into the world and create a family of their own and teach as they have been taught.
I know that it is pretty much inevitable that we will all screw up our children in one way or another.  Some might yell or curse in front of them, some might forget to appear at a child’s play or some might forget to lock the door while in the midst of a crazy upside-down sexual act.
Whatever it is that you do, something will happen to scar your children but hopefully it is something they will long overcome and not worry as much as we have about the long term effects of having done something you shouldn’t in front of your child.
In our constant worry for their mental health and physical well-being, it is the days that we see our children do something wonderful that makes us so proud we continue to strive to be better parents.
I’m constantly proud of my children, figuring they are just born wonderful.  I don’t toot my own horn because I am always tooting theirs.  They are both wonderful caring, creative and loving children.  They show compassion and empathy towards others, they are helpful and always show respect to their siblings, parents and everyone around them.  They are all around great, beautiful and generous kids.
I’m truly biased and very aware of that fact.
Yesterday they received their state testing scores and they both were advanced in every subject, hitting 100% in several categories.  I was truly proud when I saw that my biased opinion on their intelligence was more than a mother’s opinion but an actual fact!  They have always done well but this year did exceptionally well.
I talked to them both at the beginning of the school year about school since they were both moving into new territory and I was sad to find out that they thought they just weren’t as smart as some of the other kids.  I had explained to them than anyone can gain knowledge and learn and do well if they really want to.  That if they put their minds to it, they would exceed in anything they wanted.  Finding a way to feel engaged in what they were learning, using methods and routine to keep them focused.
To see how much a simple question leading to an answer and then advice may have been all they needed to see what is within them and what can lay ahead.
I am glad they talk to me and tell me more than a parent should probably know and with that I hope that they continue to strive in whatever strikes their fancy and move into adulthood with confidence! 
And of course the support of parents that truly give a damn!


  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job! Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn, especially when it comes to parenting.

    Probably the toughest and most stressful thing to do, raise children.

    1. I definitely agree. It’s the hardest job I have ever had, but the most rewarding, too!

      So here I am tooting away! :)

  2. Great stuff, I don't know how old your kids are but it's really gratifying as a parent to know they are regarded not only as "good" kids (especially compared to some brats that I see) but are also bright and loving and funny. We don't often get to say we're awesome parents especially to people IRL, but toot away here! The more I get to see how the "average" mom or dad parents their children, the more I see we're above average in so many ways and our kids are a reflection on that.

    1. Thanks, Alex. I plan to celebrate as often as possible on here and anywhere that I can!! It's a really great feeling to know with the things that I feel I fail on there are some things... well, the most important things that I am truly doing well!


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