Happy Anniversary to ME!!

This is my 100th post!  Insert confetti bombs and streamers here!  Scream with joy and laughter.  As I recap the posts that have graced my screen, some of which I love and some I think to delete, I contemplate the way things have changed and morphed in my life and blog.  I have deleted, restarted and even taken a year off just to come back… it’s been a long road so let’s take a trip down memory lane… this will no doubt be the longest post I have ever posted.
Road to Happiness” is where it all began!
Mydirections are upside down” is about my search for something and following my heart!
Goingto the Bank” is about sharing bank accounts and the hardships that has!
“DrivingSolo” is about pleasuring myself!
“Licenseto Drive” is about all the things we enjoy for the first time!
“Dead End” is about my consent conflicts!
“Carwash” is about how I felt I used to be the “nice” girl and how I wonder where she went?!
“RoadEnds” is about the loss of a friend!
“Where’s My Car?!” is about a friend turning into a typical ex!
“Get into my car...” is about meeting new people and letting loose and losing my clothes!
“New Car Smell” is about naughty things I like to hide!
“Deemed Unrepairable” is about feeling like I am completely broken!
“Pull over... I'm tired!” is about feeling sick and hopeless!
“The Unmade Bed” is about letting things go and just enjoying the moment!
“Picking up the dry cleaning!” is about how sexy I find men in suits!
“Looking back down the road” is about daddy issues that are not mine!
“Snowflakes on my windshield” is about missing my lost friend!
"The 20Mile Rule” is about the blowjob game!
Keep on going…” is about uncovering what is underneath it all!
“Can we be friends?” is about being friends with the opposite sex!
“Bluetooth Required” is about loss of communication!
“Popularity” is about having lots of friends but only a few close ones!
“Detour” is about my contemplation of the meaning of life!
"Rest Stop" is about getting comfortable with your partner!
Population One is about feeling alone!
“Picturesque” is about the picture of love!
“Destination You” is about where I want to be!
“Locatenearest ATM” is about money and couples!
"Navigate Her" is about wanting more than pleasure, wanting his heart!
“Rollup the window” is about fighting through all the noise!
“Twisted Road” is about feeling sick, again!
Speed Bump” is about life in the fast lane!
“Lost in the Fog” is about sacrifices!
“Send Help is about needing help!
“Wanting Direction” is about my wants and needs!
“On-Star” is about getting the help of professionals!
"TunnelVision” is about arguing with someone that doesn’t see the bigger picture!
“Health Drive” is about PKD Awareness!

And, though I don’t really get it, my most popular post is…
“Eleven Minutes” is about how long it takes to have sex!

“Cruisin down the Boulevard” is about coming back to blogging after a long year away!
“Where are all the good guys parked?” is about being propositioned by a friend’s husband!
“Park in the back...” is about anal sex!
“Ridin' Solo Again” is about my constant desire to pleasure myself!
“Distracted Driver” is about having sexual thoughts about people I’m in conversation with!
“Wild Ride” is about a broken trust can never fixed!
“On The Road, Again!” is about how I have been missing writing!
“STOP THE CAR” is about how hot I find creepy masks and how it brings on fuck me hard thoughts!
“Battery Battle” is about which battery lasts alllll night long!

Oddly enough, this is another popular post…
“Hit the drive through” is about how the average guy does nothing for me!

“Missing Auto” is about how I am missing my friends!
“Kiss Me, Tease Me, Please Me! Drive me crazy, baby!” is about wanting sex, but how I am always sick!
“Cracks in the Pavement” is about losing something that was never yours to begin with!
“When One Door Closes, the Trunk Pops Open” is about the things right in front of me!
“Share the Road” is about an amazing vibrator and my desire for it!
“Smell Yo' WHAT?!” is about the dumbest song ever!
“Busted, Disgusted, Never to be Trusted!” is about an asshole that gets accused of molestation!
“Please, I beg, TURN ME OFF!!” is about always being on and having to go, go, go all the time!
“Not Your Average Mom!” is about how I don’t feel like the average mom!
“Less is More” is about giving to those in need!
“Disgusted and Busted?” is a follow up while I cheer that he is in jail!
“Summer Lovin’” is about all the summer fun I had!
“Over it” is about how I am sick of friends that aren’t true friends!
“Fuck Me, Proper” is about my need for a real good fuck!
“Ultimate Oxymoron - Life Plan” is about how you never know when life will come to an end!
“Watch the Road, You Voyeur!” is about my sexual exploits in public! 
“To Comment or Not to Comment?” is about comments, obviously!
“On My Knees” is about how I asked my doc for help me!
“My Cup Runneth Over!” is about my abundance of naughty goods!
“TMI, Tuesday - Regret and more…” is about the start to my TMI, Tuesday game play!
“Flowers or Fucking?!” is about which I prefer!
“Most Memorable Sex” is about my first time, anal, G-spot and more!
“TNH – Faded!” is about the start to naughtiness and nakedness game play!
“It's my party and I'll laugh if I want to!” is about feeling lucky to have the family and friends that I have!
“TMI, Tuesday - Pleasure or Pain” is about my views on pleasure!
“Best Fuck of Your Life!” is about my advice on how to get it!
“TNH – Fear” is about how spiders are scary but not undressing for the camera!
“It's Not All Porn and Games” is about dumb people that ask too many senseless questions!
“TMI: Gettin' Off... a tad late!” is about and how I like to get off!
“TNH: Bridge” is about the Naughty Hangout and my lack of attire!
“TMI, Tuesday - Cum Check” is about a tasty treat!
“Beware & Be Aware!” is about theft and electronics!
“Horn Tooting” is about my great kids!
“TNH: Leisure” is about laying around and enjoying the salty see air!
“Surrogate and Me?!” is about helping my sister have a baby!
“DNR - Advanced Directive” is about how we all need one!
“My Life is an Alarm Clock!” is about how I have too much to do!
"Music to My Ears!” is about my need for music, dancing and mostly sex!
“Fucking and Football” is about how all bets are on!
“TMI – Orgasm” is about orgasms, obviously!
“Martini In Hand” is about the loss of things that used to be!
“Over-Share?!” is about giving in to sharing more!
“TNH:Playground” is about my playground, my favorite spot!
“Pain& Pleasure” is about the heartache and pains I have been having!
“TMI:Strip Tease” is about stripping, obviously!
“TNH:Fall” is about smokin’ hot things!
“SayUncle” is about my uncle that passed!
“Happy Anniversary to ME!” is about this post… did you forget!
Hope you enjoyed my recap and the years that have gone by as I slowly add post after post of my thoughts, dreams and sexual fantasies!  Cheers to many, many more!


  1. I don't get why some links turned purple... but there you have it.

  2. Happy bloggoversary, glad you stuck around! The 2nd 100 should be much easier!

    1. Well, thank you! Me, too... it's been fun! :)

  3. i'd party with you anytime, babe :) congrats

    1. HAHA... awe, well, we sure do like to party at the hangout!

      & thanks! :)

  4. Happy Blog-versary. A great dress to celebrate in but what I noticed, such a beautiful smile!

  5. 100 posts!! I just found your blog and have realized I have to read 100 posts?!?!?!?!?

    Oh wait...I have to read 103!! How am I going to get through this? Well, it's a good thing you're such a fine writer that I know I'm going to truly enjoy my journey through your world! ;)

    PS - The purple is a default color for a 'visited' link on the web. ;)

    1. Well, THANK YOU!

      Haha! Well, if you read all those I'd be quite impressed! Especially the ones that became long and boring! :)

      Hmmm... I wonder why it did that! Took forever to even get that post right to begin with! :) But, thanks for the tip... I will have to attempt to fix that one day!


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