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I came across an article about called Your Fragile Digital Life.  Since I am living a digital world and relying on my little toys to manage my hectic life, I know how fragile it can be.  Having been a victim of identity theft I know the feeling of losing an entire saving and checking account in a matter of minutes.  It was a simple as handing my card to a cashier and having my account wiped out before I even got home.  I felt violated and lost.  It was recovered and the money was put back into my account but not before I had to close everything down and switch everything over to new accounts and of course the hold that was placed on the funds until it was confirmed as fraud, it was even better that it was two weeks before the holidays and I was without my main source of mula.  Thankfully all my accounts are now equipped with fraud protection and they immediately call me if fraudulent changes are a concern.  The quote “if only I knew then what I know now” comes to mind.
I came across another article about Mastering Passwords that I really took note from.  Since I have also been a victim of keyloggers, hackers or otherwise untrusting people, I really wanted to get these things together and find a system that would work for me.  Having all my personal accounts logged it happened as easily as simply logging on from a computer that was from a trusted location, but obviously turned out not to be.  Finding out a lot of my accounts were accessed left me with a sense of unease that I still have not been able to shake.  Talk about feeling naked and completely exposed!  There are so many accounts to log into and so many that are important that having the right passwords and different passwords are very important as this article details.  Definitely read both, they may make a difference you don’t even realize.
Plus, there are so many things you can do to protect your accounts, a lot of them now have a bothersome but important authentication process worth having.  Also, I have found that a few programs also email you whenever you are logged into a new device, giving you the location it was accessed from.  Sometimes it can even be someone you know which is very disappointing to realize, but it can also help in making sure criminals are not going through possibly very secure and private information.
Also, if you are a subscriber to Consumer Reports I would check out October’s issue.  It has a great article about America’s Worst Scams, a definite must read!  It has a few other articles worth a read, too.
Since having been a victim of identity theft, mail fraud, keyloggers, hackers and more… I know how devastating it can be and thought I would share the info I came across.  Read it, be scared and stay aware!
I came across this as I was about to post and since we are all bloggers here I thought I would add it: Website Hacking.


  1. Ms. B, Identity theft has become a major problem in the digital age.
    Recently I went through the same experience with my debit card. Luckily the bank caught it quickly, kudos to them and all I had to have done was a new debit issued.

    Also one thing to keep in mind, I use public wifi a lot, but I never log into a account to buy something or look at my bank account when I'm connected publicly.

    A program I use quite a bit, both at work and at home is called Malwarebytes, works very well for detecting malicious programs.

    1. Sir, that is horrible that we have to keep worrying about all the people out there stealing all our hard earned dollars. Thankfully they were able to catch yours quickly and you did not have to worry too much about it. When it happened to me, it was a long while ago so it was harder to fix than it is nowadays.

      Yea, I don’t log into anything publicly that has to do with money. That article I posted was someone logging into through iCloud and just wiping everything out. I wouldn’t have thought twice about uploading to iCloud. So that’s scary. I don’t even want to log into my Kindle to browse books when I’m in hotspots.

      It’s definitely a great idea to have a good anti-virus system hooked up because of all the different ways people can get in and ruin just about everything.


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