Apples Make Me Drool!

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They are so beautiful, sleek and shiny!
I want to have it in my hands to hold it and stroke it with my fingertips.

They said it would be worth the wait and oh, how I have waited.
It’s gotten even bigger and it’s a wonderful sight for these sore eyes.

Come to me my darling, let me have a taste!


  1. Come apple picking with me some time. This area is a giant apple orchard - you'd go crazy!

    1. Haha, well, I do love apples. Giant? Sounds intimidating... but, I guess if I can't finish it all, I can always com back for more later.

  2. Haven't had an apple product with exception of i-pad nano. Could get a new phone if I wanted (running Droid series) and current phone is a little ragged, but am not sure I want to go Apple or not. You must like yours, wife likes hers too and thinks I should get one...we'll see.

    1. I actually don't have a iPhone, yet!! I am on the Droid at the moment and I have been having lots of problems with it doing things like texting, sendings pics and making phone calls! So, I am looking forward to an upgrade. If I can get the iPhone to behave, there is just no hope for me! :)


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