On My Knees

Ms. B: Doc, my knees hurt what can I do?

Doctor: Don’t get on your knees.

I was down on my knees moving back and forth, fast at first but then as I got tired it became slower and slower.  I felt the burn in my knees as I tried to get comfortable but eventually I just gave up on scrubbing the floor and decided to blog instead!  You dirty minded freak, you thought I was talking about giving a blowjob didn’t you!

There are so many positions involved in being on ones knees and not all of them are sexual!  But, in all honesty, it’s causing a damper in my sex life and not the good kind either!

It’s hard to be in pain frequently and it doesn’t really put you in the mood.  Sometimes, I try to pretend that it’s not hurting but when you’re screaming out and you don’t know whether it was that hard cock pounding you or the fact that you can’t feel your leg anymore; you stop and wonder what the fuck just happened?!

A few weeks ago I was enjoying sex on top, feeling the slow thrust I allowed myself, slowly teasing myself into an orgasm when all of the sudden I felt a shooting pain up my leg and I pretty much whined about having to get off and change positions.  He had me screaming in pleasure soon after and I forgot the momentary hiccup in my night.  But, when I tried to get on my knees a few nights later so he could take me from behind, which I’ve mentioned many times that I love that position, I felt that same shooting pain.

Now, when the doctor says just don’t get on your knees, he doesn’t really know what he’s asking.  I don’t mind getting off my knees to stop scrubbing a floor because let’s be honest, who likes cleaning? But, when it involves how much I have sex and how I do it… well that just doesn’t cut it.

So, Doc, I’m on my knees begging you, please help!  Ouch, now help me up!

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  1. There are certain positions that are, while not exactly off limits, are on the "Please be careful" list. I just have to be cautious of her bad back and let her dictate some of the moves so it doesn't go from "Oh God!" to "Oh Shit!".

    Luckily her knees are just fine. And, just in case, I bought a kneeling pillow for her. You can borrow it if you'd like.


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