My Cup Runneth Over!

I love this pic because I swear we are twins!
Ok, funny thing just happened, when I wrote out the title of this blog post I accidentally wrote “my come runneth over” instead of my cup.  I fixed it but contemplated leaving it as it was.  It does sound like a good topic of conversation that I just might write about but not today!

Too funny, ok, moving on…

I was recently at a party with my boyfriend that is not my man (another story for another post) and the host of the party designs lingerie.  I was interested in finding out more since I do love playing dress up and lingerie is a must have in my wardrobe!

I’m kinda picky about my stuff since I am ever so opinionated!  Slutty Fredrick is not my style, fits like I’m wearing lingerie from the 80’s and not very comfortable.  Sweet Victoria is nice, pretty and comfortable, for the most part but it’s a little too ordinary for me, I don’t think her secrets are all that dirty.  I do own quite a bit of her stuff because it’s readily available and easy to pick out something in a hurry.

I found a place down the street from my house that I like because everything in the little store is straight from designers.  I love the difference that makes in what’s on the shelves.  It’s not manufactured in millions that anyone, anywhere can find.  I like that it’s different and playful.  I love that if I want something new, I’ll find it there and it won’t look like the one I bought the month before.  Plus, it is all well-made and seems to last through all the ripping off clothes and so on and so forth!  I’d link the store name but that’s just too close to home!

Buying lingerie online is hit and miss, you might not like the way it fits or feels.  Sometimes the fabric can make all the difference.  If I am strapping myself into crazy strings and lace, it better be as comfortable as possible, even if it only last for a short time.  I like the whole tease of wearing it so I try and make it last a lot longer than it should.

Back to the party…

I now have quite a few pieces from her line of lingerie.  It’s is beautiful and unique, which I love!  The quality is nice and looks like it will last awhile for those of you that re-wear clothes! ;)  I believe it will stand the test of pulling, ripping and throwing to the floor but when I know that for sure it will definitely be added to this post.  I don’t usually post like this but you definitely have to check it out her line if you like lingerie or costumes:  Dreamgirl

Now that my lingerie drawer is spilling over and I don’t have room for another piece… it’s time to wear them out so that I can get rid of them to make room for more, I do have my eye on a few more things I’d love to wear for a minute or two!


  1. Wearing them out is probably a good thing. I like that you have comments now, good move in my opinion.

    1. Most definitely, then I can make room for more! Thanks, I think it's a good idea, too! Now, I can dare to read what other people think! :)

  2. The nice stuff is work keeping, the cheap, slutty, fun stuff is made for biting, tearing, tugging off and leaving behind. Imagine if you left a soiled pair of panties tucked between the cushions of the couch at your favorite coffee shop.

    And shopping for lingerie is so much fun as a couple, just don't let them catch you in the dressing room....

    1. I guess I should buy some of the cheap stuff so that I can have it ripped to shreds. I like that idea!!

      I haven't gone shopping with anyone whenever I buy it... I like the surprise written in his eyes when he sees me in something new for the first time.

      I like playing on that line of getting caught, seen or watched... it's thrilling!


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