Most Memorable Sex

I was asked by an anonymous reader where my most memorable sex happened.  While thinking about that I came up with a few times that I can remember that were the most memorable sex acts, so far.

This one time at band camp…
When I was a barely a teen I was showering and we had one of those shower heads that hung on a hook.  I remember washing myself and when I went to rinse I sprayed myself in a way that caught my attention, it made my body tingle all over so I kept doing it.  I felt completely embarrassed about doing it but it felt so good that I couldn’t stop until I had my first clitoral orgasm.  It was amazing and I always took the longest showers after that, until I realized that using my hand got the same results.

This one time I was all wet…
I remember finding my G-spot for the first time and it was also when I was a young teen.  Apparently, I was a horny little shit!  I recently wrote briefly about it on Laundry, laundry and more laundryThe gist of it was that I found it when I was alone and I was completely beside myself on what I just did.  I didn’t know what happened, all I did know what that I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t dare keep doing it to myself, not only because of the mess I could make but because it just didn’t seem right, back then.

I remember the first time my G-spot was hit during sex with a partner.  It was more powerful than I could have realized from all the times I enjoyed it alone.  It wasn’t the first time I felt it during sex that I remember, it was the first time I let myself give in wholly to the experience.  It was definitely the wild body bucking, intense screaming, pillowing biting, hair-pulling moment that I had described in my other post.  It completely exhausted me with seconds of having my orgasm.  I fell back into the bed barely able to control my breathing in utter bliss.  After that moment, if I feel it coming, so to speak, I don’t try and stop it but instead I let go entirely.

This one time in the backyard…
I have enjoyed sex in several ways multiple times and I figured that I knew how to get the best orgasms with my body.  I’ve felt it so many times in so many ways, not much can be different besides the ass backwards positions you put yourself in.  Until the day I remember my first orgasm during anal sex.  I talk a little about it in my post Park in the Back.  I had experienced anal a few times and I didn’t see what the big deal was except for the fact that he seemed to really enjoy it so I eased into the idea an inch at a time.   After doing it a few times, it didn’t seem like a big deal and if I wanted him to orgasm quickly, offer that up and it’s a done deal!  

One night we were in the middle of having sex in my favorite position, he’s riding me from behind with a fist full of my hair in one hand and my ass in his other when he slips himself out into my ass.  Now, at first I groan at him for messing with my orgasm but then he lets go of my ass and starts to play with me while he’s riding deep.  Moments later I’m exploding into an orgasm when he’s still pushing in and out behind me and I feel a new orgasm that I haven’t ever felt before.  I was reeling from the sensation of having anal while having an orgasm.  I have to say I absolutely love doing that whenever and almost as often as possible!  Some might wonder if it is entirely true that I could enjoy it that much but I love it so much that I will do it even when I’m alone.

There are other memorable acts that I can think back upon but I will leave you with this:

This one time I remember…
With all the kinky sex I have the most memorable act I can remember takes place “6 to 8 weeks” after I had my youngest daughter.  They say you have to wait to have sex and I waited and waited and waited.  I wasn’t in a hurry to have anything in my pussy for a long time after spending hours pushing out a baby.  But, there I was sleep deprived and quite a mess laying on my couch in the living room because of some 2am feeding that had me awake yet again.  Then my man comes out as I am getting up and pulls me towards him, we stand like that for a few minutes until he starts to undress my slowly.  At first I want to back away at the thought of how I must look but he just starts kissing me everywhere, telling me how beautiful I am.

I give into him without any more thought on my ravaged hair or the toy scattered living room but instead I focus on every kiss around my body and the tingling sensation I feel spreading like wild fire.  There was nothing kinky or crazy about sex that night but it was the most intense sexual experience I can remember.  The feeling of his body on top of mine slowly easing in and out not like he’s teasing me but as though he just wants to be connected.  We stare into each other’s eye through the entire intimate act, completely falling into orgasms together quietly but more passionately than any other sexual act in my history.


  1. mmmm, riding deep, hair-pulling, anal, eye-staring, hot hot stuff, phew, but i got the most turned-on after the Band Camp mention ;)

    1. Haha, thanks, I thought it was!! && if you play the flute right it makes beautiful music! ;)

  2. Intensity comes in many different ways as you have creatively explored and described. Cheers to you, your men and lovers that have experienced such amazing endeavors of and with you.

    Thanks for responding with the memorable sex escapades. Your stories are quite illuminating and incredibly arousing. The visuals are incredible, especially after the few pictures you revealed, assuming that is you?

    Thank you again

    1. It sure does, that's why I am always open to trying new things so that I can enjoy more than I knew exsisted.

      You can assume so.

      Of course, hope it was a thrill to read!

  3. i love this post :D keep trying new tihngs..who knows what you might find?? :)


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