Best Fuck of Your Life!

Did the title get you?  I thought it might!

Excuse my vulgarity but I needed to be blunt, so you dear reader would get this advice I want to share.

I wrote out an entry a while ago that I didn’t post and it included a litany of how to get the best fuck of your life, consistently.  I doled out advice as though I am an expert, which I don’t claim to be.  But, this advice I want to share, if you don’t already know it, will help get you what you want more often!

As I stroke the keys slowing adding letters to the page and I feel warmth of my cheeks at the thought of having the best fuck of my life over and over. 

The catch, you ask… to solve world peace of course!!  As I have said over and over, if everyone would just have more sex, we would all be much happier people!  Imagine driving down the street and someone cuts you off and you smile and wave because you just had your partner face down, ass up in the bed only moments before.  You would be flying high on the sexual experience and letting the person drive off knowing they obviously did not.  

You question me as you think to yourself that not everyone gets their woman into positions like that.  But, I’m telling you to heed this advice and you get them into the positions you so desperately want and some you haven’t even thought of yet!!

Now, I don’t want to lead up to something that will be anticlimactic so I just want to make this a quickie, getting rid of all the points of interest and heading straight to it so we can all get to it.  It’s simple, you follow her cycle.

Here is a graphic and it’s so simple, you fuck her brains out on the day with the flower and if she's really pining over you get all the little green dot days, too!  Those little green dots are just the best sex days, the climax landing on the flower.  Other days would be whatever you are normally into, to each his own!

(Side note, BE AWARE or beware of the red triangle days!)

It’s like a dog in heat, they physically want and crave your cock and they will do anything to have it in them in any which way they get it.  I’m female so I can say we are like dogs in heat and I know when it’s coming and I primp and prep for the occasion when I know that I will want it upside and sideways until morning.

I’ve even taken the liberty to added some calendars I’ve found so that you can use it and know when you can get her into those amazing positions that make your cock feel like it’s going to explode and the great thing is she wants it to so bad she’ll let you do the exploding anywhere.  

Here are some calendars that you can download for free:

I like this one because it’s easy to view and it has graphics on the days you will want to remember most!  Your Days Calendar

This one is easy, too.  Ovulation Calendar

I have an app on my phone that you just put in the first day and it tells you every month, for months.  It easy and I recommend it, if you want to stay on track without having to check constantly.  It’s right there at the touch of a button with a little devious heart smiling at me!

For Iphone:  Period Tracker Deluxe

For others:  Period Tracker Lite

If you haven’t already been doing this, you need to.  I like to slowly tease myself the days leading to the little glowing flower because I know I will be fucking him just as hard as he wants to be fucking me.  I tease with pictures, words and the occasionally quickie… making myself want it all the more.  Then for a couple of days leading up to the flower and after, I’m hot and bothered, wet and horny for as much cock as I can handle until I’m sore and barely get out of the bed. Each day is wild ecstasy!  Can you tell it’s my little flower day and I’m just waiting for the best fuck of my life, again!


  1. Have fun! I hope it's a great romp and you are sore tomorrow.

    And I agree with your advice, ovulation and the body wanting to get pregnant (not the mind necessarily) always helps.

    1. HAHA, thanks!!

      Yea, it definitely isn't always on the mind but it sure does make us want it, badly!

  2. Great advice. Thanks. I hope your men appreciate you having this insight.

    1. I'm not sure that I have all that much insight but I do like to share.

      Men... I suppose you mean the readers?

    2. means something else


I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading what you write!

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