Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast!

I love summer!!  I love everything about it, even the heat!  For those that hate it, cry me a river and I’ll go rafting in it.  Well, maybe not rafting, I'm a little terrified of it since my last rafting experience.  Don’t plan to venture into the white waters anytime soon.

I was gone for a week, visiting family and friends.  It was a long week being away from home but not nearly long enough time spent with those I have missed so much!  Some weeks I cry about my lack of friends, though I really don’t lack in that department.  I guess I realize that my crying or whining, as I call it, stems from my lack of close friends within distance.  All the friends that I love and cherish, including those related to me, live entirely too far away.  I hate the distance between us!  I often think I stay good friends with a lot of people because I am not there on a day to day basis, to be involved in the drama of the female mind.  So, I stay pretty good friends with people because when I do see them, we are both on our best behavior, catching up on all that is great and not so great, but cherishing the time we spend together.  Only talking about things that are really important and that make the most difference in our lives. 

We aren’t going to spend the precious few hours we have talking about this person and that person and gossip about what she said or he said.  I love that about my friendships, but then I still wish that those people that I love and cherish were closer so that we could be involved in each other lives more, we can have coffee at the drop of a hat, our kids can grow up being friends like we are, we could go shopping for that perfect dress together, plan trips and make more memories.

Being away makes me sad at times, but at least I know that when I do see them, it’s time well spent.  Now if only I could own that jet I have been dying to have, so that I could visit more frequently!  That would be ideal!  

After that week away, I had family come visit for a week.  It was nice being home and having people with me so that I don’t have to live out of a suit case.  It seemed to go by so quickly, why does that happen? I guess it’s much better than people over staying their welcome, that’s for sure.

Once they left, I was sad that they were gone but glad that I have such amazing people in my life that I have something to be sad about, which really is just utter happiness with tears!

Now, here I am just getting back from another week of being gone.  I traveled to the beautiful city of San Diego, enjoying Comic-Con and all the craziness!  If you didn’t know I am a closet nerd wrapped in the finest clothes to hide my alter-ego, then now you know!  I spent a fun week visiting Sea World, again!  Then staying with friends and enjoying many bottles of wine and chats!  I rounded out the week with lots of fun in Comic-Con and since I am a huge action movie junkie, practically crying with excitement at the Avengers premier… you can imagine how fun it was to be around people with the same enthusiasm that I have!  Although, I am not one that likes to be surrounded but hundreds of thousands of people, so for that I had to use up ALL my patience and just take a deep breathe with every step I took.  It was crazy, it was fun, it was a must-do, again and again!  I might even brave a Cat Woman suit… always wanted to wear that costume!

So, here I am at home with a multitude of things on my mind that I have been dying to blog about, but instead I am out there living life!  I have things I would love to write and things I have on paper while out and about with thoughts that I ponder and can’t wait to hear the tap, tap of my keyboard when I get the chance, but right now I am doing all the laundry from the weeks of being away just so that I can reload my luggage and go on vacation, again!  It’s no wonder summer is my favorite season and I know that I am one lucky girl!

Happy Summer!!
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