Fuck Me, Proper

It’s one of those days that I would like to be properly fucked.  No nonsense fucking.  Just get down to it fucking.  Do you get my point?

I’ve obviously got fuck on the brain!

As I sit in my bed scribbling out the word fuck over and over in perfect script so pretty that you’d never guess the vulgar thoughts I’ve penned out in my notebook!  Although, if you’ve read any of the entries in this blog then you can easily guess what I’m thinking.

I have joked many, many times that I swear I was supposed to be a man and it’s moments like these that I truly believe it.

As I sit and wait for some down and dirty fucking, I lay wet and wanting with only my thoughts to keep my company.  I consider teasing myself just a little but I want to save it all for later so that when I cum, I really collapse into ecstasy, completely falling into that body twitching orgasm I am longing for.

As my thoughts run away from me, I feel so heated that I’m certain that even the slightest of touches will turn me into putty in his hands.  Of course, I give away nothing and play coy when he arrives because I want it to last.  I’m not a wham-bam-thank-you-mama kinda gal.  But, again, I don’t think I’m much of a girl to begin with.  When I play alpha-she-male, I think I’m just a strong headed woman but then I think about sexy cars, the latest and greatest techy geek-gadgets and the action movies that get me excited and I know I’m wrong.  I know that I can’t call up my girlfriends and talk about Stan Lee’s newest adventure or the late Steve Job’s genius, definitely not what Dennis Allen is up to or if they’ve seen the new M6 and all its shiny glory!  If I did start talking about it with girlfriends, I would be met with a set of evil eyes and so I save that kinda talk for the guys.

Either way, as boyish as I can be, I’m all lady parts and I wanted them treated with great care.  I like a strong man having his way with me but with respect so that I can completely give in.  Just because I like to be treated like a whore in the bedroom doesn’t mean that I want to be disrespected outside of it.  I want to feel the hardest parts between my legs, lips on my breasts tugging at my nipples, a firm hand slapping my ass and a tight hold on my hair.

So come give it to me, I need a good fuck!
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