Not Your Average Mom!

I get sidetracked easily… one minute I’m getting ready to leave and I’m happy with the fact that I know I will be on time, today.  Then suddenly I find myself in front of the TV, while the time clicks by.  I feel like a housewife, sitting there watching TV.  (For the ladies, do not assume that means I think housewives sit around watching TV all day, I tried the housewife thing and it is hard and very tiring!)  But, I guess my point is that not all housewives sit around watching porn.  I get so hot and bothered thinking about things I want to do, that I felt like I can’t leave the house all worked up, so I decided, a quick release would be a good idea.  So click click click… two guys and one girl should do.  That did it quicker than I thought, but what the hell… I still have time for another, right?

Now I’m running late and still feel the need for sex, even more!!  And I have to wait…

Home and back to housewife mode and since it’s a minimum day I get to the school and I’m surrounded by kids wanting playdates.  I think to myself, why do they always want to come to my house? I wouldn’t mind a nooner… but instead it is peanut butter sandwiches and squealing kids.

If you are one of those people that say’s they love kids, you lie!  I love kids, but only my own… and those related to me, after that it’s hugely hit and miss!  It’s funny because kids, animals and old people seem to love me… they find me wherever I am and hold on to me, literally.  I go to the school and kids hang on me like I’m a puppy, they ask to come over and they never want to leave.  I don’t quite understand it?!  I often think I wouldn’t like me if I was those kids, yet they want to come over nearly every chance they get.  

As I sit here listening to my daughters friend, I think, who is this kid?!  Why does she always disagree and constantly take on a bratty tone?  Though a whip sounds fun in the bedroom, apparently I hold one in my day to day life, too.  I wouldn’t put up with half the stuff other people put up with and I don’t.  I hear these kids talk back to their parents, scream and throw fits.  I see tantrums often, even in older kids.  It’s scary and I think that it’s no wonder more half the women in the world are going insane.  Does that mean I’m a crazy mom and disciplines her kids all the time? No!  I often find myself in situations where I don’t know what to do when the thought of needing discipline comes up.  My kids listen to me and they do what I ask them to the first time… or the second!  My girls see other kids acting out and they have literally told me that they feel uncomfortable around kids like that.  

Sometimes that makes me feel like I must be one hard ass of a mother, to have my kids so behaved.  I feel like I have to be, if I don’t no one else is going to do it for me… for them.  Even though it warms my heart that they call me their best friend and that often parents think I’m the big sister not the mother...  which I have thoughts on that for a different entry.  I laugh and smile every time, but my girls know that as much fun I have with them, as much as I joke around and act “crazy”, I will always be “mom” first!  They say that you can’t be their friend, only their parent.  Well, I think that you have to be the adult first and foremost but friends enough that they trust you with everything and tell you anything.  Sometimes I hear more than I want to know!

I cringe at the thought of days ahead, where they stomp up the stairs screaming that they “hate me” and the ever famous, “I’m ruining their life”.  But, for now, I am going to keep up what I am doing and hope that they are wise beyond their years and know for every “no” I say, there is always a good reason and it’s a reason I will share with them.  I won’t just say you wouldn’t understand and the answer is no, because who are we kidding?  Kids understand a lot more than we give them credit for!

Now, back to my show!
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