Laundry, Laundry and More Laundry!!

I have so much laundry to do all the time and because I insist on being the only one that does it, I get what I ask for!  It’s a never ending cycle that I am constantly in and every week there is overflowing baskets of laundry to do, especially with three girls in one household!  That’s just the clothes, now doing towel’s, rugs and blankets takes even more time and effort.  After that I have to go from room to room stripping beds and now suddenly I’m looking at more time in front of the washer… thank god for the spin cycle!

I don’t know about you but by the time I am done with this whole process, I’m doing it, again! If you are the type of person that has your cleaning routine set and your weekly process on a schedule, then at least you know you have a few days before you have to start it all over again.  With younger kids, you never know when you are going to be washing something that you hadn’t planned on.  That is always a joy, thankfully I’m passed that stage with my own kids, there aren’t any bed wetting nights where I’m standing at the washer at 3 in the morning and those are definitely days I DO NOT MISS!

But, even without those 3am changes for kids, I’ll unexpectedly find myself having to clean my own sheets in the middle of my weekly schedule, yet again.  I hate that… cleaning more than I planned to.  I don’t like feeling like that’s all I do with my time, even if that is not true, it’s often how I feel. Thankfully, the reason behind the extra time I spend with my washer is always a good one if it involves my sheets.

Although, all this gushing has me blushing…

The G-Spot is a popular debate amongst many people.  I think it’s really a debate with those who have and haven’t had one!  I think the people that don’t really believe in it, haven’t had one.  I have to admit that I can hit mine every time I have sex, but I often don’t allow myself the pleasure as often as I could.  It’s messy business gushing all the time.  It calls for the sheets to come off or you aren’t just sleeping in a wet spot but a puddle.  

The orgasm that comes with hitting the G-Spot is quite amazing, feeling it throughout your entire body the moment it happens.  I love it but I often hold back just because I don’t want to clean up after myself.   But, on those nights that I let myself go entirely, feeling the pleasure ripple through me is incredible!! I know he loves it when it happens, since I literally explode.  It’s a wild body bucking, intense screaming, pillow biting, hair-pulling moment that is so wild and mad that you just fall to pieces when it’s over.  It’s a wonder I don’t allow myself the indulgence and do it more often.  

I remember the first time that it happened and how I freaked myself out and thought what the hell did I just do?  Quite honestly, I thought that I pee’d myself but at the same moment, I was in a state of ecstasy that I really didn’t care, until after when I felt embarrassed at what I had done.  Thankfully, I was alone… exploring my body as a young teen.  It took a long time for me to get comfortable enough to let myself go, again.  It was hard to grow into the idea that I knew what I was doing and at the time I didn’t have internet to look up what was happening.  As I got older I held back even then because I thought it would make my partner freak, so I waited until I was with someone I trusted before I would let myself enjoy that feeling during sex, which was much more extraordinary than doing it with myself.

Yesterday during my mind-blowing sex the quote of the night was “babe, you act like you haven’t had it in forever” it was hilarious when I heard that because I feel like it has been forever even though in the realm of sex lives in the world, it’s probably more frequently than most.  Even though it might seem like I have sex pretty often, I don’t have it often enough.  I think that my body can’t always keep up with my mind.  Even when I want to, I don’t always get to because I am physically too tired to keep up with my own desires.  

I was thinking that I was going to post this on my Sexcapades blog since it seems to be, but it’s not really.  I’m only doing 50 Shades kinda sex on that blog and I realized that when I write that it’s been all vanilla lately, that I lie.  Mr. Grey’s version of vanilla is not the same as mine.  My vanilla is swirled with chocolate and caramel with some nuts and marshmallow cream.  It is definitely unusual for me to ever straight vanilla, maybe when I’m in a hurry I’ll say it’s going to be a quickie, but that rarely happens since I like to take my time and enjoy every stroke he has to offer.  Thankfully he can keep up with the multiple times I want to experience an orgasm in one night, often having more than one, himself.  I love that he can do that so then I don’t feel so selfish for wanting more and more… and more!

Now I should get back to my 50 shades, it’s been awhile since I’ve been tied up!
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