Disgusted and Busted?

There is such a thing as knowing too much!!

I wrote a blog not too long ago about being disgusted with a friend of mine, wait no… my former friend.  See how I keep doing that, I keep saying friend, but he is NOT a friend of mine the moment he did what he did!  I still live in a state of shock when I think about him. As he currently sits in prison, I can’t believe the things he did and moreover, I don’t want to believe it… his own child, I cannot think!!!

I felt so sorry for his wife and kids…

As I sat and heard what everyone is thinking and what they “knew” and how they felt from what they heard.  Unfortunately, they don’t know everything because as they sit and “talk” about what has happened to our… former friend, they want to support his wife and kids.  They are sitting there cooking her meals and doing whatever they can to help this victim… this liar!

That’s a natural reaction and that was my reaction.  As soon as I heard, I reached out to her.  I said whatever you need, whenever you need it, I’ll be there.  Of course, that’s how I feel about the kids and I would do whatever I can for them.  Apparently, my biggest flaw, always trying to save the world!!

Although, not everyone you think needs saving.  Not everyone is a victim, even when they want to pretend to be.  When I heard the truth not everyone is privy to, I felt the shock roll through me.  I wanted to scream, yet again.  I feel like these people that I loved and cared about not only had me fooled but still have people fooled.

I’m sickened beyond what I can handle.  I want to see the parents of these kids and slap them.  I want to scream and yell in their face, I just want to be angry! I hear that prison fellows don’t welcome child molesters into jails with open arms and I am hoping that it’s true, I’m hoping that justice does get served, eye for and eye!  How can I save the world with thoughts like that?

But, what to do about the wife that is playing the victim, when will justice be served for her?  Can I really be hoping that about someone I loved?  I don’t know what to do about this new found hatred for someone I once loved… I don’t know that I want to do anything about it.
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