When One Door Closes, the Trunk Pops Open

As the saying goes, “When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

There are no doors to stare at from the trunk, so there is nothing to regret.  I try to make it a point to not regret things.  If I thought it was a good idea at one point, then I made my decision, regretting it only takes away from decisions I could be making now.  That’s not to say that I don’t regret things, I do.

So, recently my trunk popped open and so did a bunch of doors that I’m so excited about… I’m also scared for them, too.

I find that making decisions of major proportions makes me uneasy.  It’s exactly what has kept my feet planted on the ground, never moving forward.  It’s what I think incessantly about, though not regretful, but very mindful of what I should have been doing all along.  I know what I can do, what I am capable of doing and yet, I hide from the hard stuff.  Cowering at the thought of real sacrifices and putting things on the line that I just can’t seem to justify.  If one plus two isn’t going to for sure equal three… I back off! The thought of the unknown scares me back into the trunk, so that I end up closing it on myself.

Let’s be honest, working for the man is easier.  No real commitment, no real sacrifice, sometimes it’s so easy it takes no real though.  In the end you go home with a paycheck and thank god you aren’t running the business into the ground like they are.  Then at the end of the day you have nothing to show for and nothing to be proud about, it making no real difference to your life.  In the end, it’s exactly what you wanted, the easy road.

I am a person with an abundance of idea’s… some dating back years.  Most recently, I saw an idea I had drawn out come to life in a store, a store filled with this exact idea I had years before.  I think about that and what I miss out because of some unknown thing that scares me.  I think about the “what if’s” and I don’t feel regret, I know why I don’t pursue things.  But, the thought of sitting on these ideas anymore would turn into regret and that scares me more than the unknown.  The easiest way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

Sooo here I am, at a crossroads of working for the man or working for myself and the decision is all mine to make, regrets included.

Here is the quote I need to make my mantra, “You can’t score a point if you don’t take the shot!”
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