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I recently started another entry for my Literary Tease blog, two of them just waiting to be posted.  But, since it was all written from my head and not experience, I began to think, why not make it happen so I know exactly how it would go down?!  So, I bought yet, another set of things so that I can try and make this blog as real as possible.  Not all my entries on Literary Tease are written from experience, but sometimes I think they should be. I will have to find out if the idea in my head is what I already wrote, I am really hoping what I fantasized about is exactly how it turns out!

I love to try out sex toys in as many positions and my body allows.  Most of the time, it’s generally used when I am alone and feel a desperate need to release myself.  Often fantasizing about all the positions that I want to feel later in the night when my partner can take the place of my toys, or sometimes on occasion, both!

I have tried so many toys, yet sometimes I feel like I haven’t even broken through the surface.  I want to try things I have yet to try.  There is a whole world of toys and products that I would like to experience, especially when they arrive in boxes with naked women in complete ecstasy!  I want to look just like the picture and feel earth shattering orgasms.  So, I try and I buy, over and over!

I have spent as little as five bucks on a toy and sometimes over a hundred on a single item.  Sometimes, I find that the ones in the middle are the best for the price and give you the same thrill.  I want a toy that can keep up, ‘cause for me, I want more than one orgasm.  When I get into a mood and I want to feel it over and over, and as luck would have it, I can.

While on my hunt for the perfect thing to make my thoughts a reality, I ran into another item I hadn’t noticed before.  Apparently it’s fairly new on the market and highly sought after.  I took one look at it and thought, what the hell is it?  Obviously, you can guess that the picture I posted is the toy in question.  As that saleswoman describes this wireless remote vibrator that simulates both partners at once, I swear I’m already drooling over this toy.  She turns it on and hands it over, as I feel the pulsing through my fingers I am instantly aroused and want to try it immediately.  It’s designed so that you can use it when while being penetrated, giving the female two orgasms at once, while giving him a stronger orgasm, too.  Hits the G-Spot, the Clit, while being penetrated wherever suits you… and I think to myself why don’t I already own one of these?!

At a whopping $225, I thought I better research and find the best price before adding it to my collection.  ‘Cause honestly, I have tried so many, why would I spend so much on a toy, I don’t really need?!  But, I do want it because I love to try new things and feel new experiences.  So, as it sits in my Wishlist, I’ll continue my fantasies until they turn into realities!
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