Cracks in the Pavement

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”  Alexander Graham Bell
Where to begin?
There’s so much going on, I don’t seem to have a moment to myself.  But, that’s a good thing, right?!  Although, I just asked for confirmation that it’s a good thing, so how good could it be?
They say less is more, so I guess purging my life of things and activities that overwhelm me would be a great thing.  So, here goes that…
As it seems, I have opened myself up to more free time.  The real trick for me is to not fill that time with senseless things, I did that already.  Let’s not go back to that, need to more forward!   I want to do more, be more, feel more.  In general, inspire myself and feel proud of what I am doing and how it makes me feel.

As of late, I have surrounded myself with people that don’t make me feel great about the relationship I am in with them.  They don’t inspire me or give anything in return that would make our friendship a two-way street.  I often think to myself, why am I friends with them.  Then I remember I don’t have to be.  Have you ever broken up with a friend?  It’s really hard and it’s very similar to breaking up with a partner.  There is always hurt between them both and there’s always one person that hurts more than the other, there’s always one person that didn’t want it to happen.  Does it make me heartless to realize that I break up with people pretty often?  As you mutter yes, I say no. 

If the people that are in my life aren’t the type of people that make real and good friendships, then why stay friends?  Why continue to pretend that it’s a friendship and that you love them too?  One of my biggest problems is that I forgive too easily and I want to always see the best in a person.  Ok, not a huge problem, right?!  But, it is when you are constantly being hurt or let down by people.  I need to learn to set boundaries and limitations for most of the people in my life and stop giving to people that wouldn’t give back, that wouldn’t be as loyal to you as you are to them.  To stop looking for that glimmer of hope that they are the person you want them to be and settle on the fact that sometimes you meet the wrong people.  I figure once I let go, I will have room for people in my life that don’t drain me, that don’t want more than they give, and finally someone that loves me as I am without wanting a damn thing!  I have an opening in my heart for those that are truly a great people, and as I always say, just a good soul!
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