You are driving down the street and you see this gorgeous female cross in front of you, you stop and watch her strut to the other side. You shake the nasty thoughts out of your head before your passenger hears them through your eyes.

Now, imagine driving down the street and then you hear her scream STOP THE CAR! You slam on your breaks and you turn to find out what happened. Then you look at her and see her drooling over some guy standing on the side of the road. Well, that’s pretty much what happened to me last week.

Until most recently, I didn’t realize I have this thing for masks. But, last week I came across a black mask that was simple, yet slightly creepy. It was crazy that when I look at the mask, I think, holy hell I want him! Not necessarily the man behind the mask, but the fantasy that comes along with a guy in a mask. It was so hot I almost couldn’t control myself.

Then he turns to me and gives me the cocky head tilt and I start to imagine all the dirty things he could be thinking, at the same time wondering, can he hear my thoughts? My playful laugh, slight giggle and shy turn away was only because I couldn’t believe how hot I found the mask and how quickly I was turned on. I thought maybe it was that THAT mask, but then I came across another similar man in a mask and thought the very same thing. I apparently have a thing for slightly creep plain black masks. I think the fantasy of who’s behind the mask and the playfulness that comes along with it, is a turn on to me. I loved the feeling and I wanted more of it! Can I just say again, it was so hot? Have I expressed myself clearly enough?!

I can’t wait to play that fantasy out and get myself all hot and bothered. I love the whole dress up
thing, but role playing, not so much. I love the outfits and the looks but don’t ask me to call you daddy, because I’ll just laugh and ruin the whole mood. BUT, I have to say, this mask thing. I just might just play along, be the helpless victim, while the guy in the masks takes advantage, in every possible position way!

Now… where can I order one?!! ;)
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