On The Road, Again!

I have missed so many opportunities to write and write and write. Makes me sad to think of all the things I didn’t write about and what great ideas they were. But, honestly, what do you think I was doing with my time? So much so, that I didn’t have time to sit and write!
Keeping entertained, as always!
It’s always few and far between entries. So many times I thought, I would love to write about this and that or even better, I think I would love to write about this very moment, it was that great! Then time passes and my memory fades and I don’t have a clue what I was going to write about.

This is going to be a pretty pointless entry. But, my hopes are that I will get back into writing all the wonderful thoughts and details that run rampant through my mind. Hopefully, I can express all that I keep bottled up inside. I need to POP the cork and get back into writing, sharing and expressing all that I tend to keep in. Mostly because, not everyone can just say what they feel, some of us have to bite our tongues. Being a tattooed mom with the tramp stamp is cooler these days, calling them MILF’s as you check out there lady parts. But expressing your crazy fantasies and wildest desires in public, well not everyone is ready for that, especially when you are a room mom or run the PTA. Or even for the overly ambitious, do all of that while writing about their nightly escapades!

Anyhow, my point is, if you are one of the two people that even read this blog, I hope to be writing more soon, and more frequently.

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