Hit the drive through

Another cup of Joe, ma’am?

Yes, please.

You sit back and anticipate the arrival, you see it approaching and a smile lights up your face. Suddenly you are face to face with Joe and you feel the heat of the steam. Your lips curl up and you move in, you feel the hot sensation against your lips and it warms your insides. The flavor overwhelms your senses and you start to slowly pull away.

You back away from the Joe as you realize that you have been served this cup of Joe before, many, many times. This same exact Joe! It might be a new place, a different café, a chain coffee shop or even a friend’s house. You travel around trying new locations and you keep running to the same old Joe’s, everywhere you turn. It might be served up in different cups, the simple sturdy plain white cup, the shining steal on the go cup, or a disheveled recyclable paper cup.

You stand back and think to yourself, what’s with these Joe’s? They are everywhere you turn, always available and ready for you. But all you want is an honest cup! One that will not only overwhelm your senses with every sip, but one that will never let you down or go cold. It will satisfy you to the very end. Always reliable, strong and yet comforting and with just the right amount of sugar.

Too much to ask?

I suppose it can be, but it doesn’t stop people from wanting it and searching for it day in and day out. Cruising past the coolest hot spots and scrolling into the quaintest of café’s, in search of that perfect Joe! I could say that is made of fairy tales fantasies, but then isn’t that what we call want? Women are always looking out for Prince Charming, in search of a handsome man and with a cavalier smile. While men play the out their roles as a Knight in shining armor and looking to rescue that damsel in distress. We aren’t very different in what we want and what we expect from each other. It’s only a matter of finding the right Joe with just the right amount of cream and sugar to pair it with, all held in a perfect cup to hold it all together.

I come across a lot of Joe’s through my days, all offering up something I am not looking for. They pull their moves with a suave attitude, thinking and sometimes out right saying “I’m the man”… never realizing that, I’ve heard that line before. Sometimes I hear it more than once on the very same day. It’s that average Joe that doesn’t stand out from the rest, never standing alone in a crowd, always pulling the same moves on the girl that looks right through them.

Want to get the girl? Then don’t be the average Joe…
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