Ridin' Solo Again

Thinking about going on a ride? Want to feel the wind blowing through your hair and see the beauty of everything around you? I love taking drives and seeing places that I haven’t yet seen. The beauty within everything around you is so amazing if you can stop and look at it once and awhile. Not taking for granted the journey that you are on and the wonderful things that surround you.

As they say, stop and smell the roses.

I love seeing the people and places that pass by as I journey through somewhere new… or even somewhere old. Even stopping at the scenic point to take a look and feel the sun warm my skin and take in a deep breath of fresh air. The endless sights in front of me can set images in my mind? Dreaming about the day you can return to such a place or even better stay there forever and live the beauty for the rest of your life.

Image that! Oh how nice dreams are…

Imagination is a wonderful thing. I can sit and imagine wonderful things and wild things all within the same though. My mind is vast in its ability to go far beyond where is should stay. Because of that it can get so very side tracked so very easily!

I will be sitting here thinking of a white sandy beach, with my toes buried in the sand, the sun warming my body… then I start to drift thinking about my body barely covered on a beach. Then I think about my skin and how it feels to the touch and suddenly my hands are feeling my body.

Reacting to the touch of my own hands, I feel around the curves of my body. Knowing exactly where to touch and how I will feel as I do it. I love the touch of my own hands and they always know how to make me feel good. They make its way around my body intensifying with each touch of my finger, knowing ecstasy is not too far away.

Ok, now that I lost you in thought too… onto my point. Ridin’ solo and pleasing yourself is something I believe we should all do whenever you have an opportunity to go behind a locked door and enjoy some play time. Or not locked if you hope to have company! But honestly, who knows your body better than you do?! So enjoy you whenever you can… you know you’ll enjoy every moment!

And that’s how easily I get distracted!!
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