Distracted Driver

Ever sit across from your spouse, partner, friend or some random stranger and think horribly dirty thoughts about them? You are just sitting there on a regular day with people and distractions all around you, making it impossible to act on such thoughts.

Nevertheless you stay sitting there across the way thinking about things you want to do to them or have them do to you. You can’t think or listen to whatever they babble on about because you are distracted by your own loud thoughts screaming in your ear. Every time they look at you, you swear yourself go red thinking they can hear exactly what you are thinking. You rebate saying screw it and you just want to reach over and ACT on your thoughts. Taking what you want without a second thought. Yet, you sit there quietly just thinking, and those thoughts become louder and louder.

You trying and distract yourself or better yet pay attention to those around you. Yet, you stay stuck in fantasy land playing naughty with their body and your own. You sit looking at them while they aren’t looking… thinking about their hands on your skin, their lips on yours, their body hard against yours.

Then again it happens… you lock eyes with them and you think for a second, can they hear me? Your body language and words don’t match but the eyes never lie. You swear they can see right through them into that dirty mind of yours. Yet, you both stay paused in the moment, leaving you wondering if they really know or if they themselves ponder what they think they saw within the eyes that look right back.

Such thoughts can drive a person crazy, especially when acting on them can sometimes be impossible.


  1. Never impossible, highly probably and amazing. Reaching over and distracting the driver on a course set for high intense driving and unlimited exposure to possibly being caught by the drivers next and around you, increases the intensity of the feelings and sensations. Not caring who sees and knowing they are wishful it was them experiencing the feelings and sensations. It comes so quick but intensity lasts so long.

    1. Well said.

      I very much agree on all accounts.


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