Where are all the good guys parked?

As a female, we all wonder where all the good guys are hiding. Then you find yourself one and you think. Wow, I am pretty happy... how long is this going to last? To your surprise it lasts and lasts and lasts... and you wonder and hope that it can keep on lasting as long as possible. You want to feel loves bliss day after day, year after year.

Being a mother, daughter, sister or friend… you are always on the lookout for the good guys for those single women in your life. There are those beautiful women that you surround yourself with. The ones you and would like to see happy in love, too. Even better, you have friendships with women that have found their own wonderful men that they fell head over heels for. You think to yourself, how perfect. Isn’t love grand?!

Now you are out socializing with your friends and you see that perfect couple with their perfect life... okay I won’t get that carried away since we all know that nothing is perfect. But you seemingly believe that they seem to have a great relationship. You aren’t ever led to believe otherwise and you don’t really question it. There’s never been a reason to make you think that they aren’t living there perfect lives, perfectly with each other.

Then one day you are surprised by a proposition that throws you for a complete loop. That perfect guy in his perfect relationship that has never so much as looked your way suddenly seems to have been looking all along! I know that with the many times I have been a weird situation where I have been propositioned by the most unlikely person, I have always wondered if I did something, said something, made a gesture that would lead them to believe that I would be more than willing to take them up on their said proposition. I have come to realize that I don’t have to do a thing for someone to hope that I follow along with their insanity. I am a social person that loves to talk and mostly listen. I think that friendliness coupled with the low-cut top I’m wearing triggers misbehavior in just about everyone.

In my own fantasy land, I want to believe there is Mr. Right and happily ever after. What are we all fighting for… if it isn’t even there!? It’s a good question that I just don’t have an answer to. I think we all strive for what we want and we can all get pretty close. We want that true love with your one and only. You want to know that you are his one and only. Unfortunately, in my experience I don’t believe that in today’s day in age anyone is ever satisfied enough to be happy with what they have. Everyone wants more and more and more.

So let’s go back to propositions... because I wonder if every man given the perfect opportunity would make their own proposition. Maybe not everyone would proposition me, but that someone that tickles their fancy. I feel like I have been in so many situations with so many people, most of which I wouldn’t ever care to mention to a single soul. Each time someone I think seems happy, they make a pass or comment at me. Then I have a little less hope that any man can really be completely happy right where they are. I am not the type of person to think that every comment means something more than a joke or even flirtation. But this blog is backed by the reasoning that stems from situations that go far beyond appropriate limits. These situations that I am forced into that end up with me having to have embarrassing conversations, telling them why they can’t make inappropriate propositions to me. Then I think about the people that they are with, usually friends of mine and I think what a shame. Another unhappy couple, beneath the beautiful surface is broken hearts.

To be fair… I don’t think that only men are heartbreakers. There are those women out there as truly guilty as the next man walking by. Since this is my blog, I write from my point of view which is female… even though I swear I should have been born a man!

I can go on… and on I shall go. So… if I really thought that about all men, you could easily assume that I think that in my own relationship. That I don’t believe that he isn’t that same typical man that is out there propositioning other women when the chance comes along. Would that mean that I don’t believe that he is happy and wants to have forever after with me? I can play na├»ve pretty well but I am not stupid. Though I don’t think he is unhappy and doesn’t want forever with me. Do I think when another hot piece of ass walks by he doesn’t attempt to flirt and befriend said ass? I would be foolish to think otherwise given my own experience. Do I know he has his girlfriends he talks to and flirts with when he has the time? Yes. Do I worry myself to death that he won’t come home? No. If he isn’t happy enough with me and wants out, he knows where the door is. I couldn’t stop him even if I tried. What I do know is that he is still here year after year and so am I. Do I think he would have an affair and jump at a chance to cheat as often as I get propositioned to? I would hope to hell not, but I can’t say that I don’t think he might.

I don’t want to play the girl that doesn’t know what happening right under her nose, just like the friends I have that have men playing naughty right under their noses. But I can’t live my life waiting for him to do something unforgivable… because it would be unforgivable, right? I wouldn’t be able to really live, always having a watchful eye on him. That is just not me. I’m not the one to snoop through all his personal things, checking his phone and wallet for… what am I looking for anyways? I don’t need to go looking for something, in my experience it always falls right into my lap when there is something to see. So no need wasting my time looking for trouble… if there is trouble it always finds me.

I have little hope for many of us women out there. Thinking we can have true love and all that romance crap we watch on the big screen. Pretending there is this wonderful perfect something out there for each of us. Not sure that it’s true but if it is… I want it! I want it badly enough to work for it in my relationship and hope that it works and when it starts to fail, work harder. I want to believe so I will keep trying… and hoping if there is that one guy out there that isn’t so typical then I found him and he only lay’s in my bed every night.
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