Wanting Direction


It begins everyone’s life. The desire to want starts the moment you are born. You want air, you want food and you want warmth. So, you need these things are much as you want them. But, do you know the difference between needing and wanting when you are born? What about when you get older? Do you know the difference then?

I don’t think that we rarely know the difference anymore. Not that we ever did. A man could go around all day needing food and a woman could look at this man and think, he really doesn’t need another donut. He just wants it, but to him he needs it. Then a woman could go around thinking she needs another pair of shoes, the ones she has just won’t do anymore. Yet, to the man standing next to her, he could think she doesn’t really need it she just wants it, to each his own.

Wanting and needing are two different things, but to the eye of the beholder it can seem life or death.

But, is the desire to want things really life and death. It may seem like it when you are sitting there with a want so strong you feel like you are going to explode into a hundred pieces if that want isn’t fulfilled. A lover waiting by the phone can turn a few minutes into hours. A lover waiting at home for their return can make the day feel like months. The perception we give what we want magnifies so strongly that nothing can seem to soften the need to want.

Some of us thrive in the ability to strongly want and desire something or someone. That desire can turn a simple breathe into anguish. They have the inability to move on with their day until their desires are met. Then when they are, they usually want more and more. Their want and need doesn’t stop after getting want they want, they usually want and need more and more. It becomes endless.

But, imagine what happens when two people that match that same desire fall into each other? They endlessly want each other and the passion gets stronger with each breathe and the need and desire to want each other takes over all the senses. Imagine that much intensity. Imagine that as something real.
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