The Unmade Bed

Here I sit with sleepy eyes wishing for a fluffy pillow to rest my weary head. I look around at all the things half done within my house. It’s all there waiting for me to finish each project I take on, still wondering with every ‘yes’ what am I thinking?! But, I smile as I look at those things I still need to do, thinking about all the wonderful things I have to look forward to!

I walk into my hallway to see the holiday decorations scattered everywhere but I realize they are only out because the holidays are here and so I smile as I think about the soft music playing Christmas carols as you smell cookies baking from the oven, then the decorating each cookie perfectly just so Santa can gobble them down, then the murmur of family gathering around the tree as the kids open gifts with reckless abandon. These are the very reasons I smile as I realize the decorations will get done and if they don’t there are so many things I will be doing that will make me smile, that the garland not hung won’t even be a thought in my mind.

Then I look at the dining room table and see the present I am crafting that has been sitting on my table for 4 days now. I stare at all the paint, glue, pictures, varnish, screwdrivers, and paper sitting there taking up room on my table and I smile again. Since, I am one of the lucky parents that will be crafting a present for my sweet daughter who asked me for a “love box” for Christmas. She describes this love box to me and I soon realize this is something you cannot buy in the store. She has made it up with all her imagination so I will try my best to give this innocent little girl exactly what she dreamt of. All she wanted was a little box that she can put all her love in, everyone in her family will be in this box feeling her love. So, there I imagined this beautiful box filled with love and sparkling as big as her heart, overflowing with beautiful thoughts of love and happiness. I smile at this mess I’ve made and can’t wait to get back to finishing the perfect love box for this perfect little girl I love so much.

Surrounded by things undone, I realized the things I find most important are never undone. The things that matter most are always with you. So, this holiday season as caught up and far behind as I am, I will smile as I think about all the things coming. Even the New Year’s Resolutions that never resolve, even then I will smile as I break it for the first time and realize you can’t break the things you want most.

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