Speed Bump

Hurry up!

Stop!! You’re going to fast!

Then you hit the speed bump and everything in your car goes flying all over. You watch as things slide off seats and little stuff flies into the air. You stare as it all comes crashing down. What a mess!!

What do you do when that happens? You start to pick up all the pieces and put things back in order right?! Of course, that’s what everyone does when they hit a speed bump. They fix things.

What happens if you scrape under your car or worse dent it? Take it to the shop and repair it right? But, the dent happened. It hurt the car. You can’t take that back or make it so it never happened. You can try and fix things but you already did it. It already happened and now you can just look at the dent and feel bad for driving too fast and hurting the car. What about all the passengers inside the car? Are they all ok? Are they all going to feel that bump on their head for a long time?

Mostly likely some will forget it but others will remember it for a long time. Those are the ones you worry about, the ones that you know hurt and will hurt for a long time. What do you do for those people? Saying sorry might help but it’s still going to hurt, and you are going to live with guilt of driving too fast when you should slow down and make sure that no one gets hurt!!

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