Rest Stop

With love, comes comfort.

Sometimes these comforts come in the form of leaning into that loved one while watching your favorite show, other times it's being able to speak without worry, for the lucky ones it comes with the ability to walk around the house naked and not feel exposed and self-conscious.

Then for the not quite so lucky ones it comes with the comfort of letting oneself go, making any bodily noise that one can conjure up. When you pass the point of the dating faze and you move into the happily unaware stage, you go from worrying what they will think to letting yourself go completely.

I was not brought up in a household that letting oneself go was call for points on a scoreboard. We always excused ourselves to the nearest restroom to do our business. I was brought up that way and I am thankful for it. Listening to someone belch out their loudest burp and roll on the floor can be amusing, it's just not the most attractive thing and I like to keep that to myself. Not to say I don't do it I just do it as often as I possibly can, especially not looking for a high five immediately after!

Then there's the ever so popular flatulence. I am not sure at what point in a relationship that someone made it ok to let out a huge fart and think it's completely funny. Not to say I don't laugh at you when you do it because I am completely grossed out but mostly un-amused. Especially, if you are locked in the car with that wonderful person and you think to yourself why would you do that?! If I wanted to taste your ass in my mouth I'd ask you to bend over. But, obviously I didn't so why!

I can remember only once (yes once!) that my significant other has even heard me even fart in front of him. Let me tell you that was one of the single most embarrassing moments of my life. I felt that the time, I wish I were one of those people that didn't care. I don't know why that even bothered me since he did it all the time and still does. It was a complete accident brought on by being tickled to death. I am not one to be tickled so losing all control of oneself is not a great feeling and now more than even I would like the world to know... I hate being tickled!!

I am glad that I am courteous enough to leave the room because I don't want to smell the gas that built up with last night’s food coming out, why would you!? I often wish that we were always in the honeymoon faze of our relationships forever. The one that always consists of manners and thoughtfulness. Whoever decided that there is a point that the honeymoon ends should be locked in a room with all the men (and women) of the world that decided their belches and farts are cause for a roar of applause. If you manage to not choke to death in the stench of bodily gases, maybe you'll change your mind.
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