Oh to be loved and filled with so many friendships. The feeling of having many to turn to is quite wonderful. Feeling the security of the many hands around you to hold you up if you were to fall is something that nothing can replace. My friendships are important to me, they are the people that I turn to when I want to share something happy, sad, amazing and definitely when the prettiest purse I have ever seen has just gone on sale. I love all my friends for all their uniqueness and differences that make them magnificent. They are my rocks that keep me strong on days that I feel too weak! I love them!

Do you think you can have too many friends? As the social person I am, I think you cannot have too many friends. I do however believe the more friends you have the harder it becomes to spend time with them. Then the harder it is to have quality relationships with them.

I have many friends that I care about truly. Yet, there is only a handful that I can say are my true, without a doubt, friends that would be there for me no matter what happens. They will not be the ones to gossip but will be sitting by my side helping me through anything that I go through. I love them for all that they are for me and with me! There are so few people that you can really connect with and feel as though part of your brain is actually in theirs. That kind of closeness is rare and should always be cherished.

Then there’s the friends that you love and want to love more, yet keeping up with the Jones’ comes to mind every time you see their name light your screen. You want to have that closeness with them but it’s a race to the top and you forgot to tell them you don’t compete. I have friends that like the biggest and best of everything, not that I don’t, but I also don’t HAVE to have it. I love to go out and do things, splurge on occasion, but I like to save and travel and do things they don’t. I want to have fun and be crazy just like they do but I like to be at home and chill just as equally! I don’t need expensive things to claim my place in society, the things I have are things I wanted for myself, and not to show off but to personally enjoy. To the friends that want to compete with me, just know that you are running alone. But, I still love you and will cheer you to the top!

I also have friends that like to be your one and only. Everything should only be about them and nothing else could possibly be more important than making sure they are happy. I want to make them happy because I love making people happy. But, at what point do you have to step away and realize that you can only make them happy so much and sacrificing you and what is really important isn’t something you are willing to do. I learned to step back from people that are drawn to my giving nature and like to take advantage of that. I want to give to those who appreciate it and don’t ever take for granted that I will be there for those that would equally be there for me. I still cherish these friendships because they are and will always be important to me!

I love my friendships! Being female makes it hard to have many friendships since all women don’t always get along. I love to travel and visit all the friends I have all over the world and I get so very torn when I come to visit and they fight with each other for attention. I don’t want to be the cause of problems and I wish that I could visit every time there was a chance but sometimes I just can’t because certain situations are more important at the time. Doesn’t mean I don’t want too. I am constantly pulled in many directions and it hurts when I feel like I let people down because I can’t be in two places at once. I want to make everyone happy, but know that when I don’t it’s not ever intentional! X to the O’s!

Invite time.

I get invites to many different things. This is another feeling that is so very awesome. To look at your inbox and be included in so many things with so many different people is amazing. Seeing one group of people and all the different occasions and invites to only specific people but you are included in all of them is something that makes me feel special and that they cherish my friendship enough to include me in even the smallest events, including family affairs. I appreciate every invite knowing that it’s hard to throw parties and invite people to things, including some and excluding others. It’s a fine line to walk with friends. Knowing hurt feelings between friends are hard to shake and can sometimes build a wall.

I love all the things I am apart of even when it’s really hard on me. Being invited to many things is wonderful and I would go broke trying to be a part of all that I am included in. Wait that is exactly what is happening. I am going broke trying to say yes to every invite that is passed my way. I love my invites and wouldn’t trade it for most things. I feel tortured when I see my bank account dwindle with every occasion and event I attend. I wish it were easier to be everywhere all the time and without the huge dollar bills attached. Being there is all I really want to do, but keeping up with the invites is sometimes really hard!!

Still… I will say yes to certain friends, knowing how important they are to me, because I am important to them!!
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