Picking up the dry cleaning!

There’s something about a man in a suit that makes me feel like I want him to take complete control of me… or I will of him. I think it is easy for me to assume that it is the same thing that happens to a man when he sees a woman walk by in a skirt. Take that man in the gorgeous tailored suit and put him with that woman in the nicely fitted skirt and there could, scratch that… will be lots of trouble!

An impressive suit fitted perfectly to only the man that is wearing it is my Achilles heel. Every time I see a man sexy in his perfect suit made just for him, it makes me weak in the knees. I love everything about suits on a man. The way every piece together looks picture perfect. From the pants long lines down to the polished shoes, the jackets silky texture against my hands slowly running up its sleeve to the soft shirt underneath that I feel pressed against my fingertips as I move the jacket away just a little. Ohhhh and that pull-able tie that completes the suit!! It stands on its own but doesn’t take over the perfection of the suit itself. Yes, I want to yank on most ties I see that brings the suit together, placing the man perfectly within itself. Of course, nothing is as great as loosening the tie just a little and unbuttoning the smooth shirt to reveal the soft tee under it all. Pulling every piece off one by one is something one should do recklessly but slowly, enjoying each piece, right down to the shiny cufflinks holding it together.

Yes, it is my Achilles heel and I won’t have it any other way. A man in a good suit demands attention, that attention will come from me if you’re nearby. Though my thoughts may only stay in my mind, either way they will still be there, thinking about the suit and the man, waiting to touch every silky strand stitched within its structure. Nothing turns my head faster than a handsome man in a handsome suit. I see a suit and I immediately turn towards it to see if the suit matches the man; to see if that man is making the most of his suit.

It’s no wonder that sex in the workplace occurs so often. There are all these men strutting around in suits while the women all saunter by in little skirts. Maybe that’s in my imagination… or no that would be my memories! Loving the rush of workplace sex, wanting to pull at his clothes while he pulls at yours, breathing deep and intense with the thought of being caught at any moment running through your mind. But, not stopping even for a moment, not even when you think you hear someone coming… or maybe that was you. The rush and excitement is all too real and sometimes more than a person can handle. I have been in situations where my “attention” was more than a person can handle, where running for the door was the smartest thing they could do so that I would stop before someone would get in trouble. But, it really didn’t stop me and that rush only waited till the next available moment, where I could grab my prey and lead him to the nearest empty room for play. I love that exhilaration and crave it daily. Being out of the box and spontaneous is thrilling and fun, especially when you have someone you trust playing along. Even though it’s usually always quick and always a rush, it’s always worth the quick ride. Especially when you know after work you can have even more!!

That was my crazy two cents for the day… go to work and make a dollar! ;)

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