Park in the back...

If you are even remotely like me, you are seasoned when it comes to sex. Years of enjoyment behind closed doors and open windows. When it comes to sex, you’ve tried every position you could possibly twist your body into. You have a grand selection of creams and oils stored safely with the tantalizing toys you’ve purchased. Don’t even get me started on the outfits overflowing the drawers that you’ve only worn once. The beauty of lingerie is in the body it graces, perfectly fit to make the person wearing it, feel the sexiness of her curves. It makes her eyes say it all when her partner walks in. Sometimes it says make love to me or take me I’m yours or even come here big boy… but no matter what her eyes tell you, the bottom line is she’s telling you to come fuck her.

So don’t be timid… do as you’re told!

When it comes to sex you pretty much figure you know everything there is to know about sex. You’ve enjoyed all the positions you can get yourself into and you duplicate your favorites as often as possible. You pretty much figure you’ve got
this! There’s nothing new, just a new day.

I personally LOVE to try new things. Not sure there isn’t much that I wouldn’t at least try once… but let’s keep this in the normal realm. Some fetishes are beyond me but for the most part I am up to trying most things. I think because of that I am always trying anything new that I can think up or have seen in porn that makes me wonder, if I do that… will I scream like that?! Hmmm… let’s try it!

I love the pleasure of sex and it would be ideal to have it as often as possible, a few times a day! Ahhh a girl can dream right?! I love the feeling of a strong man on top of me, feeling everything he has to offer. I love being flipped and maneuvered into as many positions as possible. My most favorite position is the ever famous ass up face down. I like starting out any possible way he can think up but love ending it with him right behind me. It’s amazing and most of the time sends me into a world of bliss that I never want to stop… usually wanting to go again immediately after. I can go on and on about this…

Onto my point… I seem easily distracted by this train of thought!

I love anal sex. I can do that as often as hmmm “regular” sex. It’s fun and for those that haven’t ventured out and enjoyed the pleasure, you must! That is the whole point of this entry. I know that as far as my many friends go, I know that they are in “no way, no how” EVER going to even try to do “that”! Though, they are truly missing out. I know at first it might seem scary for a girl to try, but when you really get into it you will be surprised by how much you are willing to do it again and again. Practice makes perfect and makes it easier, less scary and so much more enjoyable that you can imagine. For the guys trying it, you should definitely take it slow but from what I hear it’s worth the patience once you get her into it! It’s a different world of feeling. I can’t express in words how it feels to have anal sex while enjoying an orgasm. When you think you’ve tried it all and it couldn’t get any better… try something else and it might surprise you.
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