New Car Smell

It’s massive; It’s out of control; It’s wild!

That is how I describe my hair today. It is wild and out of control and it makes me feel wild and out of control.

I find it so interesting that something as simple as your hair and clothes can make up your mood so easily. If my hair is wild, I feel wild. If my makeup is perfect, I feel beautiful. If my clothes are sexy, I feel sexy. It’s so interesting to me that my mood can swing with my appearance.

Of course, it swings both ways. I can have a bad hair day and uncomfortable clothes on and feel out of place and not myself. So, a quick trip to the store and voila it’s a mini makeover that sends my mood right back to where I want it! HAPPY!!

It also helps to put me in a hot mood at night to when I feel like being the lioness on the prowl. It’s as simple as wearing something or nothing but have the look within my eyes and possibly my hair?! My hair today makes me feel like a lioness and I feel wild. I want to shake my head with reckless abandon feeling completely crazy and out of control.

I feel the same about nighties and negligee that makes you play the part of the character you decided to fulfill. Playing dress up is a completely favorite thing I love to do. I can’t say that I do it ALL the time because being spontaneous is a lot more exciting. But, if you already have wild hair why not put on something wild to go with it… complete the mood and enjoy the night!

My two cents to the ladies of the world: Put on something crazy fun wild and sexy! Be the lioness you feel deep within your… You’ll enjoy yourself with or without someone there to participate!!

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