Navigate Her

The three things I am told when someone gives me a compliment are “Beautiful, Smart and Creative”.

It is always in that order. So, I think it is easy for me to assume that I am more beautiful than I am smart and smarter than I am creative. Although, I often feel like people don’t know me at all when I hear things like that. If I were to choose the order for myself I would first say I am creative, smart and beautiful. It is so odd how we perceive ourselves differently than most people see us.

Not to say hearing you’re smart AND beautiful isn’t a great compliment. I am female and every compliment I ever receive is always cherished. In fact, most of the time anyone pays me a compliment I am often shy and a new shade of red. The last thing I think of myself is the gorgeous, hot, beautiful or sexy woman that men seems to label me with. I think much more of myself that just a shell.

This thought process brings me to thinking about that quote “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. I laugh at that because I swear a way to a man’s heart is through his eyes. I often feel like if I showed up in nothing but heels with a bucket of KFC, I will have sent the receiver into the land of love (lust) where they will never want to leave.

But, where does that leave me, the “beautiful” one? How does he know how to get to my heart? Should I leave directions on my navigator with turn by turn directions so he won’t get lost? I have had a few men over the years tell me I am their one and only, love of their life and couldn’t live without. Mostly, I smile at the thought and think who is he really in love with, I just met him yesterday?

Obviously, he’s in love with looking at me. Staring at the large breasts behind the shiny thin fabric I am sporting. Or maybe it’s the long tan legs that sparks his fancy. I could go on and on but what they never see is what is inside the Barbie doll. What is under all the layers of walls that I have built to make sure only the ones that truly want to know ME, will.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy teasing a man in my bedroom. I am one to saunter around the house in nothing but boy shorts a necklace. I love passion in all its forms. I thrive on getting tangled in sheets for hours and hours. If he can keep up!

The thing I crave most is when he touches my skin I want him to touch my heart. I want to know that when he is looking at me he knows everything behind the beautiful face he loves so much. I want him to know the deepest parts of me and still love me completely. I want to be more than the woman that turns heads, the "trophy wife".

I want to be known as the woman that has his heart. Since, I gave him mine.
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