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My bedroom is normal by most standards… I could do without the giant television in it but that’s really a moot point. You walk in a see a huge bed adorned with multiple pillows, side tables, dresser and the appropriate bedside lamps; even a framed picture or two.

You head to my closet and there you will be a little frightened when you open the door to reveal a walk-in filled with clothes from floor to ceiling. Shoe boxes line the walls, bags filled with purses, scarves, hats and gloves. It’s quite a sight and a deep abyss which no man should enter! Ever!!

There is order to my madness… Everything is organized by color, dresses and skirts in one area, while shirts galore line bar after bar. My jeans pile high since one or two pairs would never do! Wardrobe bags filled with gorgeous dresses that have only graced my body once or maybe even twice, they are so beautiful and I keep them in pristine condition for the day I decided to wear it again. Even if the likeliness of that happening is very slim. Whatever the occasion that would require me to wear something so nice would usually require yet another dress suited only for that day.

I’m quite the girlish female when it comes to attire, accessories and jewelry. I love it all and the more sparkly and shiny, the more I like it. I love everything that adds to whatever look I am going for that day. It could be something simple for a day at the park, but you would never know each piece was picked out just for that trip. Carefully thought out and handpicked because I thought it would be perfect. Now take it up a few notches and add a night out on the town and believe me when I say I will have everything polished to perfection.

Let’s get deep!

Only the mad can understand the madness I have within my closet. Most people will stop at the door see the insanity that is all mine and slowly bring the door back to a close. Enter they would not dare. But, if they had gone deep, it could reveal more than they bargained for.

Push back the clothes, move the jackets and sweaters to the side to reveal the hidden part of the closet where the things that are hiding from obvious eyes awaits!!

There behind it all is more boxes filled to the top and barely fitting at all. I have found that as much as I love wearing all the beautiful things I love so much that people see as they pass me on the street, I equally love buying all that that isn’t seen. The beauty of lingerie!

I have so much lingerie, sometimes I find myself buying it more than I get a chance to wear it. It overflows the few boxes that I have to keep it hidden from prying eyes. Yet, I want to just take it out and walk around the house with it; lacking a second thought. I love the gorgeousness in all colors, lace and form fitting garments. It’s all so beautiful and all so fun! I love dressing up every day no matter what it is I am doing. I like to wear what I am wearing because it’s what I am in the mood for… same goes for everything I wear at night. It’s not a coincidence what you find me in the bed wearing… everything is always thought out.

I recently found a store that I absolutely love not too far from my house, all lingerie and everything you wear under it all. I love it because it’s not your typical Victoria Secret’s lingerie, which I like as well, but it is beautifully different. If I could, I would buy lingerie in that store every day. Something new for every night of the week, playtime would never end. I love that something as simple as an outfit can make you feel any way you choose. Flirty and fun is always the way to go!!

Sounds good so far?

Maybe you should go deeper, figuratively speaking…

Do you stop there amazed at the outfits hidden within the clothes, everything from the simple school girl to the domineering dominatrix that hides behind it all?

Is that not enough… it’s more you seek?! Then go further to find a toy chest with wonders inside! Yet again and hidden so well is a chest of fun for the fun you seek. Every toy you can think of would surely be there. There’s almost nothing I won’t try… and trying is something I enjoy. The domineering side always has every restrain you may need for her or him, whoever feels the desire. Then the side that wants to unwind and relax can open every scent you love to warm your body with oils as it massaged into a heavenly delight. Enjoy the box of goodies, light a candle or two… whether its dirty sex with nasty chatter or eye to eye love making… it should always be passionate and you should always want more!!

So, pull out your favorite outfit and get in the mood because every day can be adventure!!

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