Get into my car...

My friend and I went out for drinks the other night. I saw a new side of her that I really like. Probably because I am a crazy freak, seeing that she was a former freak and currently in hiding. I jumped at the chance to bring her out of her shell with a few drinks. It was amazing to see her come to life.

The mom type that plays nice nice with all the kids and business women by day was all just the cover to what was underneath. It was great to see the real friend that was hiding and I am glad to know her. It might be a dangerous thing pulling out what is in hiding. But, it was fun to watch and I hope to see that side of her more often. The fun loving free spirit that I know is under all the pretty clothes and fancy jewelry.

I rarely meet people I really connect with. There are a few people that I have in my life that get me inside and out and I am thankful for those very few people. Yet, they are all so far away and I jump at the chance of finding someone close by that I can have lunch with and chit chat at home over a BBQ with. Long story short… after knowing her for so long it was nice to finally really see HER!

Though it was all under the influence and maybe the 5th drink wasn’t necessary. After the 6th or 7th I really couldn’t remember much of anything. I was spilling out my thoughts whenever I managed to get a listening ear, which wasn’t hard being at a bar.

Waking up Monday proved challenging. Yet, I managed to get up and look around wondering where the hell all my clothes went. Staring at myself in the mirror I realized I didn’t even know who it was. Moreover, I pulled at anything I could grab to be clothed and realized I still look like I did hours before, makeup and hair all done. But, again I thought to myself, where are my clothes? So, I walk around in a search for missing things to realize the only thing I had on was my jewelry. This is awesome. Clothes are scattered all over my house and I swear I still smell margarita on my lips. Wait, she was the one drinking margarita’s?!

Flashbacks to the night before that have me rolling now! The night was insanely fun and what started out as me saying I’ll come for one drink turned into one too many but you know it’s a good night when you can’t find anything the next morning.

Curiously the three hundred dollar bill we racked up was paid for by some guy I don’t even know for reason’s I just don’t understand. When he first came over I flashed the ring and a smile and said I was taken. The second time, I said I was still married and nothing changed in the last few minutes. Yet, he tried and tried again. I think back to this and I wonder what is really in guy’s heads when they try over and over. Then as we are leaving he pays our tab? Not sure why or what he thought was going to come from that since I was walking straight out the door to her place. Did he think that something would change since a bill was paid? Did he think that would swoon me into thinking, well yes now that you paid my bill I would love to dot dot dot? I really would love to know what he was thinking there.

That same night a guy offered me ten thousand dollars if I would come back to his place with my friend and let him watch us. I laughed at him as I turned away and thought do I look like a whore? Should I pass out cards that say: Hi, nice to meet you I am not for sale!” I might act like a whore in the bedroom but that is private entertainment for only people I want to be there with.

Some men… scratch that… most men confuse me!

I am not sure what it is about me that makes them think I can be bought. I often wonder if they have just never had the type of girl that wants the things I want in the bedroom so they automatically assume things about me that just aren’t true. I might be insanely freaky at times but I am completely a mushy girl on the inside. The best times I have had between the sheets were filled with passion and love. Wanting to give as much as I receive was the best climax and it can’t be bought… only felt!

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