Eleven Minutes

I recently read the book Eleven Minutes. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall in that story. It was about a prostitute and a few of her men. It was interesting to say the least.

The title being Eleven Minutes is because they said in the book that the average sex lasts about eleven minutes. Needless to say I was floored. Really?! Eleven minutes for the average person?! That is insanely amazing! I could cook a frozen dinner in that amount of time and be ready to eat right after.

They did say ‘average’ didn’t they!!?

So, then of course it became a topic of conversation between my friends that have read the book as well. Then of course the question went around the room as to what everyone’s average is?

I have to say when things like this get brought up I don’t like being in the conversation because I tend to live outside the box. I don’t want to be the center of attention and have everyone staring at me. So, I tend to shy away from answering questions like that. Don’t get me wrong, I like to partake in the conversation and it always interests me. I wouldn’t mind giving my answers and being forward but I don’t always think my friends want to hear what I have to say… or at least they are sick of me being outside the norm all the time.

So… then it turns out they asked him before they asked me. Of course, it left me no choice but to answer it.

I answered with an average of an hour. I did say average! Sometimes it’s shorter and sometimes it longer. Then they all stared at me like I was talking Chinese. I said that when I have sex I like to enjoy it and when I am enjoying it I like to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Of course I got many grunts and groans to my answer. Then I hear the typical ‘I just want him to get on and get off’ and ever famous ‘I have things to do’ replies. Sure, I suppose I could be that way as well but I don’t see sex as another thing on my to-do list. I see it as something I really enjoy doing and want to do it as often as possible for as long as possible.

I even got the cockeyed glances and the “ok but how often a week do you have sex” question. I guess that makes sense and you would figure that maybe I would have it less if I were having it for that long. But, it’s still a couple times a week because again I actually want to do it and I enjoy it. I love the occasional quickie but I love feeling every part of him on top of me or in every position I find myself in. Obviously with that much time on your hands you are changing positions, apparently every eleven minutes.

Then I thought about the question… how often? I thought ok I get it… the more often you do it the better wife or girlfriend that makes you. I see what the thought process is for the infamous females. Yet, I still think outside the box. I wish I had asked… if you are having sex multiple times a week… how often are YOU having an orgasm?! I play a little selfishly in the bedroom and I want an orgasm as much as he does so I want to make sure of it. Even if that means when he’s finished he can sit and watch while I finish myself. Which usually works out for me cause then he wants more!

I love how couples are so different in the bedroom tactics. The differences are always so amazing to me. I enjoy hearing another point of view but sometimes, like this time, am saddened when I hear people use sex so much.

I have many friends that like to have sex or give BJ’s to entice a purchase of something they want or when they want him to put the kids to bed, pick up food, make dinner… the list is endless and the reasons they will have sex. But… when a girl wants money for sex she’s a slut?! Isn’t that what most women are doing in their marriages anyways? I know it’s different and I won’t get into that but you get what I mean right?!

I really just like sex for sex. Call it making love or fucking. I don’t care as long as I’m in ecstasy and enjoying every inch… I mean minute of it!

Girls… don’t hate me!! I love you! MUAH!
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