Driving Solo

Having complete control of the wheel can be quite liberating. Being able to go where ever you please, whenever you want. I like being in control all the time. I know where the turns are and how fast and sometimes how very slow to take it. I want to be able to enjoy the ride for as long as I possibly can.

My perfect car is the Convertible BMW M0. It’s a fast muscle car that makes you want to rev your engine at every stop then take off with such speed it tests every limit. You know it can handle the ride every single time you turn it on. It has smooth sailing that is perfect for those long drives that you just don’t want to stop unless you need more gas. The body is sexy and sleek. You want to touch it and drive it as often as you possibly can. But, the catch, there is only one in existence. ONE!

So, what do you do if you don’t have one with you?


Ok, so let me get real for a moment. Though I love my daydreams about the sexy BMW that I love to stare at… and really there is only one of the precious M0!

I mean this blog in the most sexual way you can imagine. It starts with daydreams about one thing and turns into a crazy thought I get that I can’t let go of. I am one of those girls that can sit around wasting a day away lying in bed with her daydreams. I have made myself late to appointments, meetings, work and so on because I get myself all wrapped up and worked up in my thoughts. But, yet I do not stop or attempt to make it to where I need to be, I am completely happy right where I am.

I can go on and on about this but I’ll move one…

But, I’ll leave it with my opinion. Pleasing yourself is a great release, especially if you aren’t in the position to have someone do it for you. I think everyone should do it at least once a day without anyone. I swear that it makes you more interested in having sex the minute you can. Do it as often as possible and I am certain you will NEED sex just as often.

Everyone’s different but that’s just me! The more I do it the more I want it then it comes full circle where I won’t want to leave the bedroom ever!

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