When you're loved you are on top of the world. You feel like you can conquer anything and nothing can get in your way. You feel like no matter what you have shelter during storms, a shoulder whenever there's a tear and a date on every holiday. The list is endless when it comes to love.

What happens when you don't feel that love anymore? What happens when you realize you lost that feeling of conquering it all and then you are left with thoughts of past. Wondering where it all went, when did it all go south? Weren't you just in the same car traveling the same road? When did you take a detour?

Where's that cell you have stuck to your side. You press the numbers to ask for directions. But you look down and who did you call? It's not the voice you are used to hearing? You think to yourself stunned to silence, did I mean to call? Did I do it on purpose? Was it what you wanted and didn't even realize it? Whose directions are you looking for?

I wonder to myself through all the hours of sleepless nights. Where am I headed and is it where I want to go?!! All the questions can really tire a person out. I want answers yet I am not sure what questions I should be asking and who should be answering them. I would love some direction and some certainty. I would like some resolution and some idea of how it all plays out. Impossible to ask since I can't tell the future no more than the next person. But, wouldn't it be nice if we could pick up a crystal ball on one of my road trips and know the answers and what to do about all the things you ponder. I guess life wouldn't be life if it didn't have all the questions and all the turns in the road to the unknown.

One day as this blog evolves I hope to have more answers than questions. I hope my detours are always in the right direction and I hope that every time I pick up the phone to ask for the way, I am always asking the right person!
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