Destination You

I really enjoy reading. I can stay up all hours of the night just to find out what happens next. When I get a hold of a good book you can’t get my attention for anything. The world could be on fire and I would be walking through the smoke with my nose stuck in a book while blindly being lead to safety. Plus, I figure if there world was on fire I am going to need something to keep me entertained while they put things back together.

I have read so many books that you would think I would have better perspective about one topic or another but apparently I rarely read the same kind of book. Going from Stephen King, Stephanie Meyers, James Patterson to Jodi Picoult to soooooo many other authors that have entertained me for a day or two. I am still trying to find my style of book, trying to find that one that I will always pick up and know that I will want to read it from front to back.

There is one thing I have found that I like in all the books that have graced my lap. I like the characters in stories to choose their path in life. I like when people make decisions in their lives that brings them to where they end up. There is nothing worse for me than for a story to leave it all to fate. Sure there’s a certain amount of “fate” that goes into life, I suppose.

But, when you have a character in love with another person that is married, dating or engaged to a third person and then they don’t get together until the significant other leaves them. No one in that story decided to be where they are, they let others determine it for them. That book which I don’t even remember the name drove me nuts. Plus, being the women or man waiting for the other, I would feel like I was second choice now that they are alone. Who wants to ever feel like second? Second really isn’t the best.

Then there’s a more recent book I read where there was yet another love triangle between 2 couples. First, one of the women broke apart and went off on her own because she knew what she wanted and didn’t want. I had to admire her for doing so. Then the man she was in love with, without knowing where it would lead, followed his heart and stopped with the nonsense in his life that he was enduring. I liked the book because the key people did what they wanted, followed their hearts into the unknown, all the while making the decisions for themselves. I can almost admire nothing more than someone that strong and willing to stand up and do the right thing for themselves.

All and all… this nonsense was to express the despair I feel when reading a book where people just wait around for things to happen. It is also to express my admiration for those stories that people stand up and always keep moving forward.

One day my book will be filled with a hero and heroin that save themselves and each other.
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