Cruisin down the Boulevard

Do you eye’s deceive you?

Not at all… after almost two years I decided that I cannot hide from the blogging world any longer. To all the two fans that seemed to email me daily and would have no idea that I have decided to come back to try again. I am sorry for the distance and disappearance. It was a hard time that caused me to run into hiding and not want to come out, for quite some time. I can’t say that I won’t do it again, but I hope that I don’t. I do enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts to a world that does not know me. Although, if I think about it, this blogging world probably knows me all too well!

After reading my past blog posts as they re-graced my screen… I think to myself what an off the wall person I can truly be. In a perfect world I think my blog would be hot bothered most of the time. Throw in a little humor and we’ve got ourselves a party, not going to say what kind of party… but a party nonetheless. Yet, there was so much hurt in between all the layers of fun. Sadness overwhelmed the pages too often and I hope this new chapter brings brighter thoughts and fun stories to share.

Through the last year or so, I have been through so many things that I can’t even describe where I was and how I ended up right back where I was. Secretly I think to myself, is this going to be yet another circle in my life? Will I bring it full circle and start again? Or can I depend on the smarter side of my brain to make better choices and to head straight into the fire so to speak?

One can hope, as I hope, that I will make better decisions for myself on this crazy road I take.

The last year in hiding was a hard one, but one I think I needed to see. One I needed to face and one I needed to know I can move past. I did move past it, right? HA! I’m pretty certain I did, but I am not sure how much of me I left behind in the process. Though I see the things I took with me and made some decisions within myself that I think are more positive than anything. I look forward to what life has to bring, I fear the things it doesn’t but I will enjoy my cruise down the boulevard as I make new changes, while enjoying the journey.

Happy reading! <3
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