Bluetooth Required

Press. Ding. Bluetooth Activated.

I am a talker! I love to talk and listen and talk some more. Thankfully I have been able to balance my talking with listening. I have a select few people that you would ever catch me on the phone with. But, you can guarantee that I am on the phone with someone from that selection on a daily basis. I believe that since I was a young girl I have grabbed a hold of the phone and haven’t let go since. What would I do without this precious thing called a phone?!!

I often think about what I would do if I was without a phone. I am not sure that I wouldn’t go seriously insane from phone withdrawals! OK… I won’t be so dramatic, it’s just a phone. But, to me it’s a lifeline! Something I need to have and I check on a moment to moment basis. Yes, it’s my addiction!

Although, with all the technology in the world today, I noticed that my select few became even fewer as I stop communicating by phone. Instead I find myself texting most of my conversations. I feel as though I am losing the ability to have real conversations since I tend to communicate better when I write everything down so that I can think before I speak! Now I want to say lol, brb, ttyl, myob, tmi and I want to make smiley faces at people as I am actually speaking to someone, which I find a little disturbing! : )

So… what happens when you pair that need with a partner that doesn’t have the same need? Does communication fail?

I have a constant struggle within my relationship. I have an addiction to the phone, and love constant communication with people. I respect boundaries and wouldn’t ever expect someone to talk to me on the phone when they are doing something. I know we are all busy with life around us and I know that sometimes we can’t get to the phone and I can be patient. In fact, I don’t like to bother people that are either working or otherwise. I tend to only call when I really need to, saving all other conversations for times when it’s more convenient for everyone involved. Where does my struggle lie you might wonder?

My problem is when there is a moment to return a phone call and they don’t.

A struggle I have is when I get a call back moments before I know he has to go again. Instead of calling earlier to have an actual conversation, I receive the call a few minutes before you know you are going to hear the ever infamous, “I gotta go.” This is very frustrating for me and often times makes me feel like what’s the point in talking if the person doesn’t want to listen. Often times I find myself holding everything back and not talking at all. My outgoing phone calls become fewer and fewer. I want to talk to people that want to listen.

Another thing that really bothers me is when I am on the phone and he doesn’t want to talk to me because people around him might say something about him talking to me. If talking to your woman is such a disgrace, why would he want to be with me?!

I find his embarrassment with talking to me very childish. Who cares that he is talking to me? Whether it’s for a few minutes or a whole hour, he shouldn’t feel the need to hang up the minute someone he knows walks up. I am an extremely busy person and rarely have the time to sit and have meaningless conversations. If something is on my mind and I need to talk or have something important to communicate, it’s highly frustrating to try and do that with someone that seems like they aren’t really there and pacing around hoping not to run into anyone.

It’s even more curious to me that he gets so odd about being on the phone with me, when the very people that mention it are also the ones who like to compliment me to him. If they are so enamored by me, why does it bug him so much to be on the phone with me? Who really cares? Besides him?!

It wouldn’t bother me so much on normal days when I can brush it off and see him later and talk about whatever I wanted to say, if I still even want to say it, but it goes into situations where one of us leaves town and I need to talk to him and he doesn’t get back to me cause he doesn’t want to check in. Checking in with your partner is important and if that’s something you don’t want to have to do, think twice about being in a relationship.
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